7 Hints on How to Make Sand in Little Alchemy

How to make sand in Little Alchemy

Here you will get 7 cheats on how to make sand in Little Alchemy 2. So, there are 7 different combinations to test your knowledge. Check these out.

Making sand in Little Alchemy will be fun to use your prior experience. You just have to think of all possible ways by which we can get sand and these will be our ultimate cheats and hints.

How to Make Sand in Little Alchemy

There are following seven combinations that we can use for making sand in Little Alchemy.

Hint 1: Air + Pebble

Pebbles are small stones. Air has the ability to produce sand when pebbles slide each other by the air.

Hint 2: Air and Rock

Same is the case with air and rock. This can also be the possibility of getting sand.

Hint 3: Air and Stone

Same thinking as above two hints. Air and stone combination will give you sand.

Hint 4: Pebble and Small

When you grind the pebbles to small pieces you can get sand.

Hint 5: Pebble and Wind

Hint 6: Rock and Wind

Hint 7: Stone and Wind

All the above options involve a combination of wind with different sizes of stones.

What we can Make from Sand in Little Alchemy

Now you know how to make sand in Little Alchemy 2 step by step. We will see what we can make from sand by combining it with other items.

  1. Animal to form scorpion
  2. Bird to form ostrich
  3. Cactus to form desert
  4. Castle to form sandcastle
  5. Container to form an hourglass
  6. Cow to form a camel
  7. Demon to form Djinn
  8. Desert to form dune
  9. Earth to form sandstone
  10. Egg to form turtle
  11. Electricity to form glass
  12. Fabric to form sandpaper
  13. Fire to form glass
  14. Glass to form an hourglass
  15. Heat to form glass
  16. Horse to form a camel
  17. Lake to form a beach
  18. Land to form desert
  19. Lightning to form glass
  20. Livestock to form a camel
  21. Lizard to form desert
  22. Metal to form gold
  23. Mineral to form clay
  24. Monster to form Sandman
  25. Motion to form sandstorm
  26. Mud to form clay
  27. Ocean to form a beach
  28. Oni to form Djinn
  29. Paper to form sandpaper
  30. Plant to form cactus
  31. Rock to form sandstone
  32. Sand to form desert
  33. Sea to form the beach
  34. Spider to form scorpion
  35. Steel to form gold
  36. Stone to form sandstone
  37. Storm to form sandstorm
  38. Swamp to form quicksand
  39. Time to form an hourglass
  40. Tornado to form sandstorm
  41. Tree to form cactus and palm
  42. Vulture to form desert
  43. Water to form a beach
  44. Wave to form a beach
  45. Wind to form dune

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