How to Make Electricity in Little Alchemy 9 Hints

How to Make Electricity in Little Alchemy 2

Know 10 easy hints on how to make electricity in Little Alchemy 2 step by step. We’ll also explore what we can make from electricity using different combinations.

How to Make Electricity in Little Alchemy

There are following ways for making electricity in Little Alchemy. Let’s explore.

Hint 1: Light and Solar cell

When light falls on the solar cell, it generates electricity.

Hint 2: Lightning and Metal

Lightning and metal combines to produce electric charge.

Hint 3: Lightning and Steel

Same phenomenon as above, because steel is also metal.

Hint 4: Solar cell and Star

Stars have their own light and we know that solar cell can generate electricity with light.

Hint 5: Solar cell and Sun

Same as above, considering sun is a star and has its own light.

Hint 6: Motion and Wind turbine

Wind turbine has generator attached at to it for electricity production. Giving motion to wind turbine will rotate the shaft or body of generator depending upon the design. This will produce changing magnetic field which results in electricity.

Hint 7: Sandstorm and Wind turbine

Sandstorm can give motion to the wind turbine and generate electricity.

Hint 8: Science and Storm

Science is taking stored energy and converting one form to the other. So, we can use storm to generate electricity. Even bad weather science can produce electric lightening.

Hint 9: Storm and Wind turbine

Similar to the hint 7. No explanation required for this.

Hint 10: Wind turbine and Wind

Same concept is used, and wind can rotate the wind turbine to generate electricity.

What we can Make from Electricity in Little Alchemy

We’ve learned how to make electricity in Little Alchemy 2. Now, let’s see what different combinations we can use to make useful stuff from electricity and different items.

  1. Sun result in solar cell
  2. Sundial result in clock
  3. Sword result in light sword
  4. Thread result in sewing machine
  5. Corpse result in frankenstein’s monster
  6. Fish result in electric eel
  7. Flashlight result in light
  8. Metal result in wire
  9. Mineral result in battery
  10. Needle result in sewing machine
  11. Ocean result in life
  12. Ore result in battery
  13. Time result in clock
  14. Wagon result in electric car
  15. Wind result in wind turbine
  16. Windmill result in wind turbine
  17. Zombie result in frankenstein’s monster
  18. Air result in ozone
  19. Antarctica result in aurora
  20. Arctic result in aurora
  21. Atmosphere result in aurora + ozone + storm
  22. Axe result in chainsaw
  23. Blade result in blender
  24. Bow result in stun gun
  25. Broom result in vacuum cleaner
  26. Car result in electric car
  27. Cloud result in lightning + storm
  28. Cold result in fridge
  29. Container result in battery
  30. Oxygen result in ozone
  31. Primordial soup result in life
  32. Rain result in lightning
  33. Rope result in wire
  34. Sand result in glass
  35. Scythe result in lawn mower
  36. Sea result in life
  37. Sky result in aurora
  38. Steel result in wire
  39. Storm result in lightning
  40. Glass result in light bulb
  41. Gun result in stun gun
  42. Gunpowder result in explosion
  43. Hacker result in computer
  44. Human result in electrician
  45. Lake result in life
  46. Letter result in email
  47. Light bulb result in light
  48. Lumberjack result in chainsaw

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