Code Vein Best Weapons to Knock Down Enemies

Code Vein best weapons

We’ve listed down all Code Vein best weapons in order from the tier list. Pick your code Vein best weapon build that suits your needs. Let’s jump to the list.

Code Vein Best Weapons

5. Hammers

At number 5 we’ve hammer. It is super comparable to the two-handed sword because it has insane high damage and high stagger values. You can just keep bonking your enemies before they can even react.

You can hit a couple of lights and throw out a special attack combo. If you’re there for some bonk gameplay, the damage and stagger value is really good. It’s a really strong build for gameplay.

Best Hammers in Code Vein

The use of hammer depends on the situation. Following are the best hammer weapons to use in code vein.

  1. Argent Wolf Warhammer is probably best hammer with crush ability but you can not unlock it before the final area.
  2. Impulse Anchor has both crush and piece abilities which makes them very effective while playing against crush resistant enemies. It gives a great damage.
  3. Burned Hammer has crush ability and does fire damage. You can easily use it against enemies vulnerable to fire.

4. Halberd

At number 4 we’ve Halberd. This weapon is really strong and good for dealing with big groups of enemies and attacking them at once. This will be the case for 90% of the game. Every now and then you will face some big warrior, big monster, or a boss. It will still be a strong weapon there because of really great speed and good movement.

You might pull off the abilities that come with it from Louis’s code to have an iframe jump or the Queen Slayer code where you have basically an H strike combo. If you combine with the basics of two light attacks, which is a double hit, then a triple hit of a spin all around you. It will give you great AoE ability right and then follow that with a quick light-heavy.

Best Halberd in Code Vein

Following are the best Halberd weapons to use in code vein.

  1. Bardiche comes with both slash and pierce ability with average weight.
  2. Black Halberd has also slash and pierce ability and is lighter as compared to bardiche.

3. Bayonets

Bayonets come at number 3 in Code Vein and use the gun as a primary source of damage. I would actually recommend using a bayonet as a shooter rather than a caster because it has unique abilities with the different types of guns. You can use shotgun blast, single-shot snipe, or five-shot spread. The bullets penetrate and give good AoE damage.

This weapon is absolutely 100% single target orientated. It has a very basic move set with light combos. The five-shot spread depends on viewability and the snipe is obviously a single target blast for high damage. It’s light, fast, and pretty much decks orientated.

Best Bayonets in Code Vein

Following are the best Bayonet Code Vein weapons.

  1. Mia’s Special Bayonet provides you high physical damage.
  2. Eva’s Special Bayonet provides you high the best bullet damage.

2. One-Handed Sword

The second Code Vein best weapon is a one handed sword. If you want to have one of the highest damage in early game builds, you would want to go with the one handed sword. You should focus on a quality build that scales equally with both strength and Dex.

I would suggest going with Prometheus which you get from Lewis right at the beginning of the game. It has excellent quality of equal scaling, strength, and dex.

Best One Handed Sword in Code Vein

The best one handed sword in Code Vein is the one that gives you a strong combination of speed and damage to the enemy. So, damage value should not be the sole criteria for the selection of weapons. It is better to test different moveset with swords and evaluate the speed and the pause between attacks. Following are the best one handed swords in code vein.

  1. Sunset Sword is the best weapon for players just starting the game or in the middle. It has more damage power as compared to Queenslayer sword while providing similar speed and moveset. The only drawback is less scaling which you don’t require at the beginning of the game.
  2. Enduring Crimson is the best one handed sword if you want raw damage. It has both slash and pierce ability with a weight of 34.
  3. Executioner sword comes as a suitable option with the correct build.

1. Two Handed Sword

Our best weapon choice in Code Vein is two handed sword. It has insane damage and stagger values. You’re able to smash the opponent with your giant sword and can easily stagger your opponent. It has a great range on all the attacks.

Best Two Handed Sword in Code Vein

  1. Zweihander is one of the best weapons in Code Vein. You get the slashing ability with it. To get the maximum benefit out of it, you should get used to its combos.

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