How to Find Enderman in Minecraft the Fastest Way

How to Find Enderman in Minecraft the Fastest Way

You will learn the fastest and efficient way to find enderman in Minecraft and get ender pearls. So, let’s continue our step by step guide.

First of all, where to find enderman. You can easily find enderman in the Overworld biomes and End biomes. Keep in mind that you require light levels of 7 or less for this task.

How to Find Enderman in Overworld Minecraft

In order to find enderman in Overworlds, you first need to build a platform where you can look out for the mob.

The terrain you’re looking for should be relatively flat with no trees so that you can see far distance. Ideally, you’d like to be able to see out 64 blocks in every direction from the platform.

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The lookout platform should be 20 blocks from the ground and the rectangular platform has dimensions of 11 by 11 blocks. From there, you’re going to look around to see if you can spot some enderman and patrol the area.

where to find enderman in Overworld Minecraft

First of all, we need to make a safe area to set spawn point in case anything goes wrong. You should not be in any danger if you do this correctly but obviously, things happen and you need it to be dark all around for mobs spawn. So, you want to have some extra armour as well as your spawn point.

Our structure consists of 1 secure area, 4 blocks wide and 2 blocks high, at the bottom. Now, make a platform over this which will be 11 by 11 block rectangle with 1 block height. You can create a lift that can easily take you from the bottom to the lookout platform which is 20 blocks from the ground.

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Now, create a water elevator on the platform which is 128 blocks high from the ground. So, when you move 128 blocks away, you get enderman to spawn. In this way, you don’t need to move 128 blocks on the ground for mobs to spawn.

You do want to make sure that you have a looting three sword. It allows you to get the most amount of ender pearls. This will help you to build enderman farm afterwards. So, you need to be in survival and of course, put on some armour and yeah not use a shield because it blocks a screen for you.

You need to first lookout for the enederman on the platform in all four directions. When you spot an Enderman, you can look at it at its head and if you’re within 64 blocks it will aggro and actually teleport up to this platform.

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Enderman is 3 blocks high and as long as you’re standing in a little safety area, they can’t reach you. Means you go to the water pool with a roof that is 2 blocks high. You will also put some extra blocks out there so that when you attack them they don’t fall off the edge.

How to find Enderman and get it to spawn in Minecraft

Now, use your looting sword of level III to kill enderman and get ender pearls. If you don’t see more it, just hop into the water elevator that will take you 128 blocks from the ground. Again, search for the mob on the platform.

Here, our goal is to get enderman to spawn as soon as possible. If you don’t find enderman again, you need to repeat the spawning process. With every 2 to 3 tries, you will be able to get enderman.

Relatively, this is about as fast as you can go because travelling through the overworld you have the same likelihood of them spawning. So, you will be able to find enderman and get ender pearls within a short period of time avoiding yourself from other mobs in minecraft.

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