How to get to Silithus in WoW Classic

How to Get to Silithus in WoW Classic the Fastest Way

Do you want to know how to get to Silithus in WoW Classic as Horde or Alliance? Well, you are in the right place to find the fastest way to reach there.

Now, there are several ways to get to Silithus. Let’s first discuss that if you don’t have access to any flight path or portals and you are willing to walk the path. We are starting our journey from Orgrimmar.

Now, move towards the exit gates in the south, near the Valley of Strength. Keep following the path until you reach Razor Hill.

Take west to reach the bridge between Durotar and The Barrens. After that, travel south-west and enter Thousand Needles at point of The Great Lift.

Head towards The Shimmering Flats in the south-east and then enter Tanaris. Now, keep travelling towards Un Goro Crater in the north-west. After entering, you need to reach the entrance to Silithus in the north-west of Un Goro Crater.

If you have access to the flight paths, the process of getting to Silithus is much easier and simpler. Now, we will discuss how to get to Silithus as Horde and Alliance.


If you are using Horde race, you can easily fly to get to Silithus from Orgirammar knowing that it is capital of Horde race.

Do you know that it will take time and there is even an easy way to that. Start flying from gates of Orgrimmar to reach The Western Earthshrine in The Valley of Visdom.

There you will find a portal which will take you to Uldum Ramkahen in Tanaris. Find a flight path in Uldum Ramkahen to Marshal’s Stand in Un’ Goro Crater.

Keep flying in the north-west direction until you reach the Southwind Village in Silithus. You would want to land Mangi’s Encampment in The Wound area of Silithus to start A Dying World questline.

Getting to Silithus from Stormwind as an Alliance

Now, here is the way to get to Silithus as an Alliance race in WoW BFA. You need to fly to The Eastern Earthshrine at the back of The Dwarven District.

How to get to Silithus as Alliance race in WoW BFA

It will take you to Uldum Rankahen. From there, you can fly in the north-east direction and follow the same flight path as of Horde.

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