How to Whisper in Minecraft the Easiest Way

How to Whisper in Minecraft the easiest way

You’ll learn how to whisper in Minecraft by using simple commands. The whisper function is used to communicate secretly to a specific person in the game.

How to Whisper in Minecraft

You need to open the chat window in order to whisper in Minecraft. Then you need to type the following command.


After typing /tell, you will get options. There you will select the person to whisper your message.

  1. Select @a if you want to whisper your message to all the players in the game.
  2. Select @e to communicate will all entities.
  3. Select @p for whispering your message to the closest players.
  4. Choose @r for conveying message to random people and @s to message youself.

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Your message will be whispered as like shown below. It contains your username, then comes the tag “whispers to you” and the last part is your message.

[Your username] whispers to you: [your message]

If the above commands are not working depending on the server or local game, you can also try /whisper or /msg command.

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Don’t forget to mention the person next to this command to whisper only to the respective person.

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