UET Lahore Merit Policy 2020

UET Lahore main auditorium

UET Lahore merit policy changed for the year 2020. The new merit formula includes the percentage of marks from Matric, FSC Part-1, and ECAT test. The merit criteria for the 2020 admission policy is 30% ECAT marks, 45% FSC Part-1 marks, and 25% Matric marks.

UET Aggregate Formula = ((Obtained marks in Matric*0.25/Total Marks) + (Obtained marks in FSC Part-1*0.45/Total Marks) + (Obtained marks in ECAT*0.3/Total Marks)) *100

Calculate your aggregate from UET Lahore Merit Calculator 2020.

The previous merit policy included 70% FSC marks and 30% ECAT marks. UET has changed the merit policy to increase the admission of brilliant students at the University. Most of them take admission to private universities and pay a lot of fees.   

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UET Lahore merit policy 2020

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