UET Lahore Merit List for Previous Years (2011-2019)

UET Lahore Previous Year Merit List (2012-2019)

View UET Lahore merit list for previous years from 2011 to 2019.  Get previous year merit lists for UET KSK, UET Faisalabad, RCET Gujranwala, and UET Narowal.   

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UET Lahore Merit List (2011-2018)

UET Lahore previous year merit list from 2011 to 2018

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UET KSK, UET Faisalabad, RCET Gujranwala and Narowal Campus Merit List 2016-2018

UET Lahore Sub-Campus previous year merit list 2016-2018

UET Lahore Merit List 2019

Mechanical Engineering 76.51
Electrical Engineering74.34
Civil Engineering74.22
Computer Engineering73.75
Mechatronics and Control Engineering71.53
Chemical Engineering71.9
Petroleum and Gas Engineering71.55
Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering68.51
Building and Architectural Engineering 72.1
Computer Science70.41
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering68.06
Architecture Engineering72.1
Transportation Engineering65.45
Environmental Engineering 66.23
City and Regional Planning74.22
Polymer and Process Engineering65.26
Mining Engineering64.48
Geological Engineering 63.21
Product and Industrial Design65.74
Automotive Engineering68.22

UET KSK Merit List 2019

Mechanical Engineering  70.7
Electrical Engineering68.55
Chemical Engineering66.41
Computer Science 65.99
Biomedical Engineering 77.51

RCET Gujranwala Merit List 2019

Mechanical Engineering 64.51
Electrical Engineering59.69
Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering51.85
Computer Science57.69

UET Faisalabad Merit List 2019

Electrical Engineering 62.01
Chemical Engineering 63.14
Mechatronics and Control Engineering58.13
Textile Engineering59.94

UET Narowal Merit List 2019

Mechanical Engineering  64.14
Electrical Engineering56.19
Civil Engineering66.48
Computer Science55.14
Biomedical Engineering71.38

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