IST Merit List for Previous Year 2013-2019

View IST merit list for previous years

View IST – Institute of Space and Technology closing merit list for the year 2013-2019. IST merit list 2020 will be announced soon. You can visit the IST Merit Calculator 2020 to calculate your merit according to the latest merit policy.

IST has changed its merit policy for the year 2020. Vist IST New Merit Policy 2020 to know more about merit policy. You can view the IST Merit List below.

IST Closing Merit List 2013

FieldClosing Merit
Aerospace Engineering80.36
Mechanical Engineering78.62
Electrical Engineering77.93
Material Engineering75.62
Space Science73.53

IST Closing Merit List 2014

FieldClosing Merit
Aerospace Engineering82.04
Mechanical Engineering81.60
Electrical Engineering80.88
Material Engineering79.95
Space Science78.93

IST Closing Merit List 2016

FieldClosing Merit
Aerospace Engineering77.94
Mechanical Engineering78.42
Electrical Engineering68.29

IST Closing Merit List 2017

FieldClosing Merit
Aerospace Engineering80.83
Mechanical Engineering80.55
Electrical Engineering78.98
Material Engineering77.70
Space Science76.50

IST Closing Merit List 2018

FieldClosing Merit
Aerospace Engineering82.99
Mechanical Engineering82.78
Electrical Engineering80.33
Material Engineering79.20
Space Science77.93

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  1. Samrita Pandey says:

    IST merit is increasing every year. And its quality of education as well.

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