UET Lahore Entry Test ECAT Result 2020

UET Lahore has announced the ECAT result 2020. You can easily find the UET Lahore entry test result 2020 here by using your login credentials. Also, determine your admission chances here.

UET Lahore admissions applications are already closed. Almost, 28,000 students appeared in the entry test which is less as compared to previous years. UET Lahore conducted ECAT test 2020 online in Virtual University centers.

Calculate Your Admissions Chances

Calculate your merit from obtained ECAT marks using UET Lahore Merit Calculator 2020. You can then compare your merit with UET Lahore Merit List for Previous Years (2011-2019)

UET Lahore ECAT Result 2020

You can view your UET Lahore entry test result 2020 by inserting the Entry test roll number and CNIC on UET ECAT 2020 result login page.

Don’t forget to use UET Lahore Merit Calculator 2020 to find your chances of admissions. Your scaled marked in UET Lahore ECAT 2020 will be used for determining the merit for UET Lahore. Please revisit if you are unable to find the result because the UET Lahore server can go down because of huge traffic.

UET Lahore ECAT Result 2020 Statistics

Total Score: 400

Central Punjab75354
North Punjab78281
South Punjab71278

Overall Average: 75 out of 400

Group Wise Average Score out of 400

RegionPre- MedicalPre- EngineeringComputer ScienceStatistics
Central Punjab118707751
North Punjab113777590
South Punjab12766664

Average Percentage Correct Response in Each Subject Segregated by Group

Pre-Engineering Group

Total No. of Candidates22040
Central Punjab26322553
North Punjab28332655
South Punjab26312450

Pre-Medical Group

Total No. of Candidates1890
Central Punjab40463164
North Punjab37443367
South Punjab42503463

Computer Science Group

Total No. of Candidates3446
RegionMathematicsComputer Sc.PhysicsEnglish
Central Punjab21422161
North Punjab22392363
South Punjab21382256

Statistics Group

Total No. of Candidates23
Central Punjab24282350
North Punjab40303760
South Punjab1301370

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which marks will be used for ECAT result? Earned Marks or Scaled marks?

Your scaled marked in UET Lahore ECAT 2020 will be used for determining the merit for UET Lahore.

What will be UET Lahore Merit in 2020?

From ECAT statistics and the number of students who appeared in ECAT, it can be seen that in 2019, although the average of ECAT was greater than that in 2017, the merit decreased because the number of students appeared in ECAT was lesser.

If we compare 2020 ECAT with past years ECAT, the least number of students were appeared in ECAT this year due to which competition is not so much tough. Although the average of ECAT marks is highest this year due to scaled marks; but still there would not be a significant increase in merit this year as the number of students is lesser. Moreover, Matric marks have also been included and the weightage of FSC marks is decreased from 70% to 45%

As students score more in Matric, so it has been estimated that the expected merit of UET Lahore for the top disciplines will be increased by up to 1.5%.

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