How to Get Fiber in ARK the Fastest Way

How to get fiber in ARK the fastest way

You’ll learn how to get fiber in ARK the fastest way. You can use it to make cloth, rope or thread. There are 6 ways to get fiber in ARK. We’ll discuss simple to fastest.

How to Get Fiber in ARK

There are two sources for getting fiber in ARK.

  1. Plants
  2. Supply crates

You can then harvest plants by hand or using special unlocks after certain levels.

By Hand

This method is for beginner or players with who have gaming level below 30. So, you need to pick fiber manually until you reach level 30. In order to get fiber, you will go near any plant. Now, press depending upon your gaming system, you need to press the respective button to grab the fiber and berries in the plant.

Press triangle button for PS4, E button on PC and Y on X-Box. You will see a message on the screen that indicates the number of fiber and berries collected.

By Metal Sickle

You can unlock metal sickle when you reach level 30 in the game. It is more easy way to collect fiber in large amount. Go near any plant and start cutting it by using the same buttons. You will start getting fibers.


You can use Moschops to speed up the process. They are plant lover and as they eat, you get fibers. Place Moschops at a place with plenty of grass or plants. Now, go near Moschops, enable wandering option and then blow the stop whistle.

The Moschops will start wandering and eating the bushes. You can also limit the wandering area for your Moschops to keep it in required area. You can also use Therizinosaur, Dire Bear, and Gigantopithecus to get fiber in Ark.

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