How to Get to Desolace in WoW Classic as Alliance & Horde

How to Get to Desolace in WoW Classic as Alliance & Horde

Are you stuck in getting to Desolace? You will learn how to get to Desolace in WoW Classic as an alliance or Horde race by simple step by step guide. So, let’s start and find our way to Descolace.

Desolace is a grey wasteland situated in Kalimdor. It has Stonetalon Mountains in north, Molgore in east and Feralas in south. The west part is surrounded by the sea. The best thing about this location is its gold and you will be able to mine gold, silver, and iron there.

The level requirement for Desolace is 30-40. Now, you are level 30 and want to find a way to get to Desolace in WoW Classic. It is quite intimidating to see the complex maps to find the right path to save time.

How to Get to Desolace in WoW

So, we have prepared a step by step guide to help you enjoy the game instead of wasting time to find the right path. You can use this guide for any Alliance or Horde race. Let’s begin.

Night Elf Race

If you are using the Night Elf race, you must be wandering in Ashenvile Forest (18-30) or Stonetalon Mountains (15-27). It means your level requirement is complete.

Now, depending on where you are in any of the above two areas, you need to head towards the Charred Vale in the South-West of the Stonetalon Mountains.

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If you are in Ashenvile Forest, take Talon Deep path on the South-West to enter Windshear Crag in Stonetalon Mountains.

From there, move to Sunrock Retreat in the same direction and then travel the road to Charred Vale.

Gnomes & Dwarves

If you are using the Gnomes or Dwarves race, you would want to move out from the Ironforge. Take the path north-east in Don Morogh. Your goal is to enter Wetland.

Then Keep following the road to reach the west direction of Wetland. There you will find menethil harbour on the north-west of menethil bay. From the harbour, take the boat that will take you to Auberdine.

Your aim is to reach Ashenvile Forest in the south and then follow the same path.

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Human Race

Now, if you have unlocked the human race, you will go to the Stormwind. There you have to reach The Dwarven District. After that, take the deep run tram to Ironforge in Don Morogh.

The deep run trim is basically this is an underground subway that connects Ironforge to Stormwind

Now, you can follow the same path by the Gnomes or Dwarves which is to reach menethil harbour and then to Auberdine in Darkshore.

Horde Race

Now how to get to Desolace as a Horde Race? Firstly, you need to go to Undercity. You will find a Zeppelin near Brill area in Undercity. This Zeppelin will take you to Origimmar in Kalimdor.

You will now move to Barrens in South-West and then enter Stonetalon Mountains in North-West from Greatwood Vale. Now, take path to Sunrock Retreat and then enter the Charred Vale. This path will get you to Desolace.

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