How to Unlock Kul Tiran in 3 Steps

How to unlock the wow Kul Tiran Humans

I’ll show you how to unlock Kul Tiran humans as an Allied Race in World of Warcraft. There are 3 requirements for unlocking Wow Kul Tiran.

We’ll start with some basic introduction to Kul Tirans. They were added in Patch 8.1.5 of the world of warcraft as an Allied Race for the Alliance. Druid, hunter, mage, monk, priest, rogue, shaman, and warrior are the available Kul Tiran classes.

  1. Kul Tiran druids have these unique forms that showcase how their druidic magic is drawn from the Drust Thornspeakers.
  2. Hunters start with an Alpine Falcon, which is a unique model unlike any others in the game.
  3. Shamans have unique totems that showcase their connection to the sea.

Kul Tiran also have unique character customization options, as well as jokes and flirts. And they have their own set of racial traits.

Kul Tiran Racials

Kul Tiran has following racials.

  1. Haymaker is an active ability that deals damage, stuns, and knocks back your target.
  2. Brush It Off is a passive ability that increases your versatility by 1% and also heals you for 2% of incoming damage over 4 seconds.
  3. Child of the Sea is a passive that lets you hold your breath 50% longer and swim 10% faster in water.
  4. Jack of All Trades increases your skill in all professions by 5 points.
  5. And Rime of the Ancient Mariner passively reduces the frost and nature damage you take by 1%.

How to Unlock Kul Tiran Humans

Now let’s talk about how to unlock Kul Tiran humans Allied Race in World of Warcraft. There are three requirements you need to complete for unlocking. These are measured by three different achievements.

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Proudmoore Admiralty

First is Kul Tiran Unlock quest is Proudmoore Admiralty. For this achievement, you need to reach Exalted with the Proudmoore Admiralty faction. To gain rep with this faction, you need to do a story and world quests in Tiragarde Sound. Also make sure you complete the faction’s emissary quest whenever it’s available, along with faction assaults when they pop up in that zone.

First quest for unlocking Kul Tiran Humans

A few other sources of rep include the mission table on your ship, which can have missions that award Proudmoore rep. The Dented Coin item, which can sometimes drop when completing an island expedition. You can also buy it from the dubloon trader for 100 Seafarer’s Dubloons. It awards 250 Proudmoore reps when turned into Cyrus Crestfall in the Harbormaster’s Office in Boralus.

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And lastly, you can use a contract that will give you 10 additional reps when completing any world quests in Kul Tiras or Zandalar. Make sure you also keep an eye out for the Darkmoon Faire and World Quest Bonus Event, as both can boost your rep gains.

Nation United

The second achievement you for unlocking Kul Tiran is A Nation United. For this, you have to do all the major storylines in Kul Tiran.

  1. This includes Loremaster of Kul Tirans, which is awarded for completing the three zone storylines.
  2. The Pride of Kul Tirans, which is the Jaina questline you get at a max level once you complete all three zones with a single character.
  3. The quest A Nation United, which you get once you finish Pride of Kul Tirans.
Second requirement to unlock Kul Tiran Humans

Alliance version of Tides of Vengeance

The last achievement you need to complete to unlock Kul Tiran is the Alliance version of Tides of Vengeance, which wants you to complete the 8.1 war campaign storyline. To do this achievement, you first need to complete the Alliance version of Ready for War, which is the 8.0 war campaign storyline.

Tides of Vengeance third step for unlocking kul tiran humans

Most of the chapters in the war campaign require you to have a certain amount of 7th Legion rep, which can be earned from world quests in Zandalar, Arathi, and Darkshore; the 7th Legion emissary quest, and faction assaults. When you finish Tides of Vengeance, you get a quest to do the Battle of Dazar’alor raid, but it’s not Kul Tiran unlock requirements.

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Once you complete all three of those achievements, go to the Stormwind Embassy and pick up the quest made in Kul Tirans from Jaina. This starts the recruitment questline. Once you finish that questline, you’ll be able to create a Kul Tiran Human on your account. You’ll also be awarded with the Kul Tiran Charger mount, which can be used by any Alliance character.

Kul Tiran Heritage Armor

The last thing I want to mention is the Heritage Armor for this Allied Race. You can unlock it by leveling a Kul Tiran up to 110 without using any kind of level boosts. Once you earn it, any Kul Tiran character on your account can use it. And that’s how to unlock Kul Tiran Humans.

How to unlock Kul Tiran heritage armor

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