Top Facebook Updates You Can’t Miss (May 2021 Edition)

Top Facebook Updates

Facebook is the most used social media app. It is the trusted social media where people not only entertain and connect with friends. But Facebook social media is a big platform to grow your business. It has so many features under one roof that you can excel in your branding and business. Facebook always stays in the updated mode so that they can add new things to the users.

Recently, it was in the news that Facebook has many updates in different sections. So, if you are someone who loves Facebook and wants to grow your business, stay updated with all Facebook details. This article brings you all the updates, so you do not have to look elsewhere. The Facebook team takes all the negative things very seriously.

Hence, they update their policies at a regular interval to check with the platform.

Facebook Shows The Review Process of Ad Policy

When you want to run an ad on Facebook, the team takes time to review the ad before running on the platform. People sometimes get the message that the ad is not approved. They think about what’s wrong with the ad and whether it is a scam.

Facebook clarifies that they are strict with advertising policies, events, content, commerce policies. If all these policies are there, the ad should follow the policies to pass it. In the platform of the ad, the user has to follow all the Facebook rules. It takes 24 hours for Facebook to approve the ad. Sometimes, it takes only 5 minutes to approve the ad.

When you submit the ad, the automated version of the review will run through the ad to check whether there is an algorithm or learning step issue. Then, it passes to the human review in the next step. If the ad rejects the first step, you can submit the ad for the human check review. If the ad rejects, then there is a scope for people to edit and again submit.

Facebook also checks the advertiser’s profile to review the ad, whether it is a ghost or a natural person who runs the ad. If you violate the ad rules, Facebook takes action against you, like banning the ad account or suspending the account.

Facebook Offer Platform Safety and Measures The Integrity

Many people are still in a fight that Facebook’s use of personal data. They even question the transparency of the platform, misinformation, and hate speech. These incidents have a substantial impact on the users. But, there is fresh air too that Facebook looks into the safety measures of its platform.

In the last quarter, violent graphic content has decreased. Hate speech has decreased to 0.05% from 0.08%. The ACTIONS taken on violent, hate content have to speed up. Overall, it is giving security to the users. People who use Online Video Editor to edit videos can now upload the video on the platform safely. For business owners, it is a significant update, and they can successfully promote the business.

Instagram Live Video & Reels Insight

Instagram, the sister of Facebook, is the hot cake for users. To grow as a business, influencer or entertainer, Instagram Reels is the new platform. Live and Reel are the best features of Instagram. It drives engagement, brand visibility, and reach. Previously, you could only check the Instagram feed.

Now, you can check the performance of the Live Video and Instagram. It helps you properly plan the marketing strategy. You can check the insight both from the creator or business account. One can check Reel plays, likes, accounts reached, comments, shares, and saves in the insight. In live insight, you check the peak time viewers, shares, accounts reached, and shares.

For any campaign, these metrics are available in the insight of Accounts. In the coming months, Instagram will add a time frame preset option. So, marketers view it for 30 days. One can check the insights even on a desktop. So, use InVideo and edit videos to post as reels or videos.

New Tools For Pacific and Asian Business Houses

Facebook offers training and content opportunities to use the API program in a customized manner. It helps small businesses showcase their talent and even come to the spotlight in and around the API community.

Announce Shopping Fridays Live

From July 16th, different fashion and beauty brands will go live to show their best products so that users can shop live. They can showcase tutorials to make the live session interactive and educational. The users can watch the live stream on the page of the brand. They can even check the shopping tab. When any user taps on the product shown in the live stream, they can buy them. The feature makes it user-friendly like when you are buying the product, you do not have to leave Facebook.


Though the updates are a bit slow this month, they are still valuable for users. So, these updates are reminders of the users who do not know how to go and use the app efficiently. Live Shopping on Friday will be reasonable to see how the brands and users take this new feature.

Also, it would help if you kept an eye on the ad running step. It helps you keep track of your business and even its growth. Facebook is more than a social media. You can use it as the best marketing platform to start your business. It helps you grow the business. The platform creates a personal brand image that reflects your work.

For individual creators, it is the best platform to showcase talent. Many users look for entertainment. If you are someone who loves to entertain people, then you are at the right place. The platform never lets you down. It has so many things to offer. Use its features consciously and do not violate the rules and policies. Facebook has the power to ban you if you constantly spread hate speech and violate the norms of Facebook.

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