How CBD Oil for Dogs Helps Pet Owners?

How CBD Oil for Dogs Help

Dogs are, as many people say, mankind’s best friend and the reason is very simple: dogs are one of those beings that can love you more than they love themselves. However, there are many health benefits that come with owning a dog.

First of all, with quarantine happening all around the world, visiting our friends and meeting with family became a lot harder. A dog is one of those companions that can help you cope with the loneliness that comes with it, and it has been proven that owning a pet is a great way to fight depression as well.

For some people, the simple fact of having a partner in crime which relies on you, and grants you company and happiness, is enough to face daily routines. But there’s we, as pet owners, have to deal with: responsibilities.

Making sure that the dog is eating properly, doing enough exercises, taking sunlight, and leading an overall satisfactory life, are among them. This also means that we have to make sure they are, indeed, healthy.

At some point in their lives, though, a dog will become much more likely of suffering from conditions like cancer, kidney failure, and arthritis. Especially dogs that have surpassed the age of 10.

Sometimes, we can just help them deal with the symptoms as much as possible, to make sure that they are at least feeling some relief from such circumstances. For that reason, CBD oil has become one of the best solutions to help dogs with these problems.

But… What is CBD, and what can we expect as dog owners from it?

Cannabidiol Oil, the Magic Bullet of Dogs

Cannabidiol oil, more recognized as CBD oil, is a compound that can be found in the cannabis plant, which has no psychotropic side effects and can provide the same health benefits as medicinal cannabis.

The benefits of cannabidiol oil are many, but when it comes to dogs, it is mostly used to deal with:

  • Pain inducing conditions like cancer or kidney problems
  • Inflammatory diseases like arthritis
  • Problems related to stress and anxiety

Humans can also benefit from CBD oil in the same way we would use cannabis, and one of the reasons we might want to use it is to help us fight sleeping disorders like insomnia. The reason why CBD is a better choice for dogs, however, is because of THC. THC is the one psychotropic compound found in the cannabis plant, and this compound is very toxic for animals.

Although we humans can benefit from medicinal cannabis without worries, all medications derived from this plant would be harmful to any dog.

This is because of the endocannabinoid system, which is a complex combination of neurotransmitters that are located in several areas of the body. Both CBD and THC are capable of toying with it to provide the desired effects, but dogs have a much stronger endocannabinoid system, and because of the way acts in comparison to CBD, it can overwhelm their systems.

If you are interested in more detailed information on the matter, you can check

Thankfully, CBD medication is capable of providing dogs with all the benefits showcased above without affecting them because of its low levels of this compound.

Despite all that has been said, there’s another big reason why pet owners (and humans as well) prefer to use CBD, and it is because of its accessibility as well as its overall safety levels.

How Safe CBD Oil Can Be

There’s something you need to understand: CBD is still under research, and although there are have been studies showcasing its efficiency, there’s still much to learn, even more, when it involves dogs and other animals.

Nevertheless, there’s a lot of testimonials and data showcasing its efficiency and safety. In fact, if you compare cannabidiol oil to more traditional forms of drugs, which involved things like liver damage, depression, and overall lack of focus.

The side effects caused by cannabidiol are pretty much harmless in comparison, often involving things like diarrhea, lack of appetite, and vomiting. Those side effects can be easily managed if you reduce the dosage, though! Also, the liver damage caused by CBD oil is way inferior to the one caused by more traditional drugs.

Still, you should always make sure that you are checking out whether the medication previously used for your dog (or yourself) does not conflict with any CBD medication you decide to go for.

Finding the Right Dosage

This can be difficult, and it is the reason why you should always know from where you are getting your products. There are stores, like Holistapet for dogs, that do provide guides on choosing the right dosage for a dog.

However, since there are many things to take into account when deciding the dose, such as the size and the weight of the dog, it is always recommended to start with small dosages and go up until you find the soft spot that works for your dog.

The guide provided by stores tends to be very accurate, so you can always rely on them when deciding the initial dose, or change it a little, reducing the amount just for the sake of being sure. In the end, as long as your pet is feeling some relief from its conditions without any side effects, ¡it’ll be absolutely fine!

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