Turnitin Software Introduces a New Feature “Flags”

Turnitin Software New Feature

What is Turnitin

Turnitin software has launched a new powerful “Flags” feature in Turnitin originality and similarity report. Turnitin is an internet-based originality and similarity check software for students and instructors. Turnitin software has a strong database of research papers, ebooks and websites content that check plagiarism and similarity of a report against those sources.

New Turnitin software feature of Flags catches the people and plagiarism removal software, that use the tricks to hide plagiarism and similarity. The new Flags feature detects the Essay Mills who manipulate the text to hide similarity to cheat the Turnitin.

For example, as Turnitin software detects the similarities by detecting the continuation of words and sentences. To break this continuation, people insert hidden characters that are not visible to the viewer and plagiarism detector gets confused over it and cannot make the continuous relationship of sentences, words and hence ignores plagiarism in Turnitin originality report.

Also one technique used is to use special greek characters in words that look like original charter but actually they are different. A picture below shows how this new Turnitin software Flags feature detects those hidden characters in Turnitin originality report.

Turnitin software
Source: Turnitin Help Center

There are also many other techniques but to give the benefit of the doubt, Turnitin software is raising flags then putting it in Plagiarism and originality report at first place and give you the solution to deal with such issues raised by the flags and then detect plagiarism

So, from now Turnitin Cheat Softwares or Plagiarism hiding software or techniques will have a hard time in doing plagiarism.

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Turnitin is going to give a tough time now.

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