27+ Free ICT Training and Certifications by PSEB

27+ free online IT training and certifications by PSEB

Ministry of Information Technology has launched 27+ free ICT training and certifications by PSEB. PSEB has trained 600+ professionals so far, and the training of more professionals is in progress; therefore, interested professionals may visit the list of approved training firms and allocated courses below.

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The multiyear program has been launched and is intended to train and certify Pakistani professionals in the state of the art of ICT technologies through Pakistan Software Export Board to help ICT Industry in obtaining a more significant share of domestic as well as global market.

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Free ICT Training and Certifications by PSEB

  1. Scrum Developer
  2. Scrum Product Owner
  3. Scrum Master
  4. Agile Master Certified
  5. AWS Certified Solution Architect
  6. AWS Certified BigData -Specialty
  7. Professional Cloud Solution Architect ( PCSA)
  8. Designing and Implementing a Data Science Solution on Azure
  10. CRISC
  11. CISA
  12. Machine Learning
  13. Blockchain specialization
  14. Digital Marketing
  15. Full/Mean Stack Development
  16. E-Commerce
  17. Oracle Developer
  18. Oracle Database
  19. Automated Testing
  20. Certified Associate in Python programming
  21. Foundation CTFL
  22. Test Manager CTAL
  23. Test Analyst CTAL
  24. Agile Tester Extension
  25. Prince2 Foundation
  26. prince2 practitioner & PMP
  27. Penetration Testing

Project Officer

Ikram Ullah Khan


Pakistan Software Export Board(G) Ltd,
2nd Floor, Evacuee Trust Complex,
F-5 Agha Khan Road, Islamabad-44000
Ph: 051-9201422, Fax: 051-9204075 Mail: [email protected]

Who Can Apply

  1. 90% Free for ICT Industry Professionals
  2. 100% Free for ICT Graduates
  3. 100% Free for Public Sector Professionals

List of Approved Training Firms and Allocated Courses

Company NameContact PersonAllocated CoursesPSEB Monitoring Officer
1New Horizen (Qatar, UAE) in
collaboration with Stepnex Services
URL: www.stepnex.org.pk
Mr. Sajjid H. Shah
Cell # 0300-5391361
Email ID: [email protected]

1. SCRUM Master
2. Agile Tester Extension
3. Certified Information
System Auditor (CISA)
4. Certified in Risk and
Information System
Control (CRISC)
5. Oracle Developer
6. Oracle Database
Kaleem Ashraf
Project Officer
Email ID: [email protected]
2Global Knowledge (Dubai, UAE) in
collaboration with Sigma Enterprises
URL: www.sigmaenterprises.org
M. Rizwan
Cell # 0344-5538055
Email ID:
[email protected]
1. Penetration TestingIkram Ullah Khan
Project Officer
Email ID: [email protected]
3Corvit Networks Pvt Ltd
URL: www.corvit.com
Mr. Tassawar Ali
Cell # 0321-4055833
Email ID: [email protected]

2. Machine Learning
3. Digital Marketing
4. Mean/Full-Stack
5. E-Commerce
Kaleem Ashraf
Project Officer
Email ID: [email protected]
4360 Technologies in collaboration
with Dice Analytics
URL: www.360technologies.net
Mr Noman Iqbal
Cell # 0301-8434360
Email ID:
[email protected]

1. AWS Certified Big Data
2. Design and
Implementing a data
science solution on
3. AWS certified Solution
Ikram Ullah Khan
Project Officer
Email ID: [email protected]
5Minhaj University in collaboration
with Badar Expo
URL: www.badarexpo.com
Mr. Imran
Cell # 0300-0204549
Email ID:
[email protected]

1. Project Management
2. Prince 2 Foundation
3. Prince 2 Practitioners
Hina Akram
Project Officer
Email ID: [email protected]
6Phalia International
URL: www.phaliainternational.com
Mr. Saqib Subhan
Cell # 0300-5639689
Email ID:
[email protected]

1. BlockChain
2. SCRUM Developers
3. SCRUM Product Owner
4. Agile Master Certified
5. Automated Testing
6. Certified Associate in
Python programing
7. Certified Associate in
Python programing 1
8. Certified Associate in
Python programing 2

Hina Akram
Project Officer
Email ID: [email protected]

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27+ Free online IT Trainings & Certifications by Pakistan Software Export Board

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