6 Top Online learning Websites to Learn New Skills

In the current COVID-19 situation, all educational institutions are closed. It is important to utilize this precious time and learn some useful and in-demand skills to grow yourself. This article will guide you about top online learning websites to learn new skills and keep yourself updated with time.

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List of Top Online learning Websites to Learn New Skills

To learn most in-demand skills, there are hundreds of online course sites to learn new skills. We dug deep into them and handpicked the list of 6 top learning websites which can probably teach top skills that you wish to learn.


Coursera is one of the best online course websites with courses from world best universities like Stanford, Harvard, MIT, Georgia tech. Courses from world-leading companies like Google, IBM are also being offered by Coursera. Coursera partners with 140 educational institutions across the globe to provide video lectures, interactive quizzes, and assignments.

All the top courses available on Coursera are free of cost. If you want to get a course certificate, you need to purchase that course. The minimum price for the course is 50USD. For students and young professionals, Coursera also offers 100% financial aid through you can get a certificate free of cost.

Coursera includes a wide range of courses i.e. mechanical, civil and electrical engineering subjects, business, project management, computer-aided design, MATLAB, Excel, coding, data science, etc.


Like the Coursera website, edX is also one of the top online courses websites. edX also offers hundreds of courses from the best universities in the world. If you would like to choose between courser and edX to learn top skills like coding or machine learning, I would recommend edX as it is one of the best websites to learn programming.

You can also enroll in any course without paying any fee. If you want to get a certification, you have to purchase the course. At edX, the price of courses up to 90% financial aid if they find you eligible. Like the Coursera website, edX also includes a wide range of courses.


Udacity is considered as one of the best online learning sites for programming and data science. Developed with industry giants such as Google, AT&T, Facebook, Salesforce, and Cloudera, Udacity offers hands-on “nanodegree” programs and credentials to help people become web developers, data analysts, and mobile developers.

Each Udacity course includes several units with closed-caption video lectures and quizzes to help students understand concepts and reinforce ideas. Udacity programs cost around $200 per month and vary in duration.

Udacity only includes limited courses that are related to programming, data science, artificial intelligence, robotics and internet of things.


Lynda has a massive library of 4000+ video-based online learning courses offered by renowned industrial professionals. Lynda online courses library includes courses that can polish your technical skills as well as soft skills.

Lynda has a great pool of courses for developers, programmers, data scientists, project managers, supply chain managers, statisticians, designers, video editors, etc.

Lynda does not offer free courses. You have to pay $29.99 per month including one month free trial, and you can take as many courses as you want with certification. On the certificate, the name of course instructor is not mentioned. It has only course name, Lynda website name and your name.


Udemy is an online learning marketplace with 100,000+ high-quality courses related to any skill in which you want to excel. Udemy includes in-depth courses related to a wide range of disciplines including engineering, designing, video editing, animation, programming, data science, marketing, web development, etc.

The price of udemy course is set by the course instructor, and it varies from time to time. The minimum price of the course is $9.99 and it can be reached up to $199 if the coupon is not available.

Udemy also offers free courses that are available for a limited time. Please visit this link to get the free udemy courses available nowadays.


Like Lynda, the Skillshare website also offers thousands of online video courses offered by industrial professionals. The courses are not free. You have to purchase a monthly plan of $15 with 14 days of a free trial, and you can take as many courses as you want with certification.

Getting Started

Before you getting started if you stuck that which platform is best to start then it certainly depends on your needs. If you are a student and want university-style learning from academia then Coursera, edX and udacity, all are the best as courses offered in these platforms are taught by professors from top universities of the world.

If you want a professional training related to a specific skill, then udemy, Lynda and skillshare should be your choice. There are some low-level courses on udemy offered by instructors who just want to earn money. So, before getting enrolled in any udemy course, please check out the rating mentioned adjacent to the course title on udemy website.

Good luck!

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