80+ Top Linkedin Learning Free Courses that will Boost Your Career 2020

Top LinkedIn Learning Free Courses that will Boost Your Career

LinkedIn Learning has launched 80+ free courses online for professionals, job seekers, faculty, small businesses, and students to provide in-demand skills. LinkedIn Learning is a valuable learning platform offering video courses for highly desired skills.

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Learning Paths

LinkedIn Learning has developed learning paths for each topic. Each learning path consists of a series of courses focusing on different aspects of the learning path. You may skip any course if you seem it unnecessary for you.

How to Work Remotely

Remote working has become a need of the day. Professionals need skills to learn how to work effectively from remote locations. The current scenario has increased the demand for remote working skills. LinkedIn Learning free courses will teach you efficient remote working.

  1. Working Remotely 
  2. Time Management: Working From Home 
  3. Productivity Tips: Finding Your Productive Mindset 
  4. Executive Presence on Video Conference Calls 
  5. Thriving @ Work: the Connection between Well-being and Productivity 
  6. Managing Stress for Positive Change 
  7. Building Resilience 
  8. Developing Resourcefulness 
  9. Leading at a Distance 
  10. Managing Virtual Teams 
  11. Leading Virtual Meetings 
  12. Learning Zoom 
  13. Learning BlueJeans 
  14. Learning Webex 
  15. Learning Skype 
  16. Microsoft Teams Tips & Tricks 

How to Tackle Today’s Job Market

Getting a job is becoming more challenging and recruiters are looking for set of dynamic skills in the candidates. Get yourself ready for the today’s job market by covering the following free courses by the LinkedIn Learning.

  1. Recovering from a Layoff
  2. Recession-Proof Career Strategies
  3. A Career Strategist’s Guide to Getting a Job
  4. Finding a Job
  5. 10 Ways to Stay Motivated While Job Hunting
  6. Learning LinkedIn
  7. Digital Networking Strategies
  8. Digital Body Language
  9. Writing a Resume
  10. Video Interview Tips
  11. Engage the Likability Effect in the Job Search

How to Manage Stress and be Mindful

It is common that everyone gets stressed because of the workload and tensions in life. So, how to manage this stress and take control of your mental peace? LinkedIn Learning free courses will help you manage stress and be mindful during hard times.

  1. Mindfulness Practices
  2. The Mindful Workday
  3. Mindful Meditations for Work and Life 
  4. Manage Stress for Positive Change 
  5. How to Manage Feeling Overwhelmed
  6. Balancing Work and Life

How to Build Resilience during Hard Times

Building resilience learning path by LinkedIn Learning will help you access your own resilience, find strength, regulate and shift your mindset to see challenge as an opportunity for career growth. This learning path contains 4 courses.

  1. Building Resilience
  2. Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant on Option B: Building Resilience
  3. Grit: How Teams Persevere to Accomplish Great Goals
  4. Subtle Shifts in Thinking for Tremendous Resilience

How to Teach Online Effectively

Online learning has opened a new door of opportunities for both the students and the instructors. Instructors need to learn online teaching methods to effectively arrange courses. Coronavirus issue has increased the demand for online teaching skills. LinkedIn Learning free courses will help you learn online teaching.

  1. Learning to Teach Online
  2. Teaching with Technology
  3. Teaching Technical Skills Through Video
  4. Teaching Online: Synchronous Classes
  5. Teaching Techniques: Creating Multimedia Learning
  6. Teaching Techniques: Classroom Cloud Strategy
  7. Office 365 for Educators
  8. Microsoft Teams for Education
  9. Google Hangouts Essential Training
  10. WordPress Essential Training
  11. WordPress for Education
  12. Camtasia 2019 Essential Training 2019: The Basics 
  13. Camtasia 2019 Essential Training 2019: Advanced Techniques
  14. Camtasia 2019 for Mac Essential Training
  15. Camtasia Quick Tips
  16. Learning Canvas
  17. Foundations of Learning Management Systems
  18. Learning Desire2Learn 2016
  19. Learning Moodle 3.8
  20. Learning OneNote Online (Office 365)
  21. Blackboard Essential Training
  22. Blackboard 9 Essential Training for Students

How to Lead and Communicate in Time of Crisis

Leaders need to be calm and communicate confidently during a time of crisis to keep things right. Linked Learning free courses will help leaders learn the required skills and manage tasks easily.

  1. Influencing Others
  2. Crisis Communications
  3. Communication in Times of Change
  4. Counterintuitive Leadership Strategies for a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) Environment
  5. Building Resilience as a Leader
  6. Leading in Crisis
  7. Advice For Leaders During a Crisis
  8. Managing in Difficult Times

How to Navigate Small Businesses Through Challenging Economy

Small businesses are more likely to be the victim of any uncertainty in the market. This brings a lot of stress and demands a set of skills to navigate small businesses through challenging economic conditions. LinkedIn Learning has taken care for the needs of small business owners and entrepreneurs in the following courses.

  1. Manage Stress for Positive Change
  2. How to Manage Feeling Overwhelmed
  3. Building Resilience
  4. Marketing for Small Businesses
  5. Building a Small Business Website
  6. Social Media for Small Businesses
  7. Marketing on LinkedIn
  8. Lead Generation
  9. Sales Secrets for Small Business
  10. Managing Your Small Business
  11. Freelancing tips – the business of freelancing
  12. Understanding Cash Flow
  13. Calculating Breakeven
  14. Protecting Profitability by Reducing Financial Risk

Keep Your Sales High

Every business owner wants a rapid increase in the sales. Economic conditions may affect sales badly. Following courses by LinkedIn Learning will help you gain all required skills for keeping your sales high.

  1. Empathy for Sales Professionals
  2. Asking Great Sales Questions
  3. Solution Sales
  4. Customer Journey Mapping: Case Study in Action
  5. Selling with Authenticity

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