Best Jeanist All Crazy Facts You Must Know

Best Jeanist all crazy facts you must know

You will know all crazy facts about best jeanist of My Hero Academia. We’ll discuss origin, strength, weakness, power, abilities, and much more. So let’s start.

Best jeanist is one of the most talked about heroes with crazy superhuman powers. You might be wondering what is the best jeanist exactly? and similar questions.

Don’t worry…

We are going to discuss everything about best jeanist to make a clear understanding of this character.

Best Jeanist

Kōhei Horikoshi is the writer and illustrator of the Japanese superhero manga series My Hero Academia. Best Jeanist is a kind-hearted hero who loves to help others with whatever he can do. He is willing to sacrifice his life to protect others as he did in the battle against All For One.

His major role was to raid the League of Villains’ hideout. Here, we’ll discuss some key points about the personality of best jeanist.

  1. His origin is from My Hero Academia with a real name of Tsunagu Hakamata.
  2. He is classified as a Pro-Hero with the ability to use Quirk and provide a threat level of Demon. His weakness is quirks do not work well with sweats.
  3. He wears a hero suit, age is 35.

Power and Strengths

Best Jeanist has high stamina and intelligence. His quirk abilities allow him to play with fibers of other persons’ clothes. He can also make use of his costume in fiber form to handle his enemies. He has a minimum above Multiblock striking strength. He loves to travel at supersonic speed and has extended melee range.

Though it was less significant to the overall plot, Best Jeanist played a prior role as Bakugo’s Hero mentor, the rowdy student acting as an intern for his hero agency. During this internship, Jeanist attempted to rein-in Bakugo’s aggressive personality by making him a prim and proper jean-wearing gentleman, but his efforts were in vain.

Best Jeanits Pro Moments

You can watch Best Jeanist pro moments. You’ll notice how he handles his quirk and deals with different situations. It also shows all his interactions with All For One.

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