Tips of proofreading an essay

Tips of proofreading an essay

Proofreading is among the last steps of writing an essay, and it helps a lot because it will help you avoid including some big mistakes that might lower your grade. Here are some of the tips that you can use to proofread your essay, designed by

Print the essay 

People find it easier to read printed text rather than soft copy text on the screen. Most people have gotten used to the fact that they can read android on screen, but you might have to spare a little more to get into perfection when it comes to grading.

Get your mindset on.

Now that you’re finished writing the essay, it is time to set into your alter ego of a proofreader. Ensure that you have a pen, start reading the work with a fresh set of eyes, and pretend you are marking the essay and not being the original author. It would be best to visit a different location to create some psychological difference between the author and the proofreader. If possible, you can find another desk in a separate room, or if you have a longer one, you can change the location. Welding to ensure that the environment and it’s quiet because you must concentrate while proofreading your work.

Take a Break before starting.

You need to have a fresh set of eyes and an energized brain if you want to proofread your work accurately. Ensure that it just doesn’t jump from writing straight to proofreading. Ensure that you take a Break because it will help you, and you can do this by going for a run or stroll or grabbing a cup of coffee. That will help you clear your mind and pull your focus to your work.

Tame the eyes 

As you read, it is normal for eyes to jump from one place to another, and that means that they won’t focus on single words as they follow each other because of peripheral vision. If you have a quick read, then you might only be pulling your focus on a single point or two in every line, which means that the majority of the sentences or words will only appear in your peripherals. Using peripheral vision is not great, especially when proofreading your text, since it is effortless to ignore mistakes. Peripheral vision tends to feel details, and it will also assume correctness. You, therefore, need to slow down on your face and focus on every word. Use your pen to make a dress on every word as you read, which will help you reveal a row every time.

Know and understand yourself 

When you reach the proofreading, find you must know some of the most common errors that you usually make. In case you are constantly having problems with accuracy, you could proofread in stages. You can first check correct word use or spellings and do a second reading to focus on punctuation issues.

Read backward 

If you are in an exam situation, you will not have the chance to use a spell checker or a grammar checker, and if you understand yourself with the problems you have, then reading backward will be the best shot for you. You can begin reading every paragraph backward by starting from the last word and moving towards the first. If you find that you have misspelled a comment, you will correct it immediately.

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