How to Write a Five Paragraph Essay the Easy Way

How to Write a Five Paragraph Essay the Easy Way

Writing a five paragraph essay the easy way means taking the time to engage in pre-writing. Pre-writing is synonymous with preparation. The thesis statement, research phase, and essay outline are writing tools that help students prepare their research material before delving into the first draft essay.

Writing is a process that involves organizing information and opinion. The main goal of any college essay is to deliver a clear, concise, and coherent message. “Clear, concise and coherent” are buzz words that teacher’s identify with strong academic writing.

How does this translate to the essay writing process? 1) Use the thesis statement to be clear about what will be allowed in the essay body, 2) Use research to ensure that the essay concise and to the point, and, 3) Use an outline to arrange the sequence of ideas so that message is organized into a coherent structure.

Be Clear About the Thesis Statement or Essay Topic

The easy way to write a five-paragraph essay is to base it upon a strong opinion or point of view. What is the chief aim of this college essay? What will the reader learn after having finished reading the paper? What is the main message?

The thesis statement is the message. The message is the opinion. Students would do well to be sure they know their message before trying to convey it to their readers.

Developing a sound thesis statement takes time. Students need to engage in some preliminary research before choosing a point of view. The thesis statement is an important part of writing a five-paragraph essay; if students don’t feel confident about their message, the essay will lack clarity, conciseness, and coherency.

A good start would be to develop a rough draft of the thesis statement. Does this rough statement communicate one or several points of view? Remember, the thesis statement is the main overarching message of the paper with supporting points reinforce this single, main message. If the thesis statement consists of several rather than one point of view, the essay may end up lacking clarity.

Do Enough Research to Make the Essay Concise and to the Point

“To fluff or not to fluff”. A five paragraph essay is made up of facts and opinion. The thesis statement is nothing more than opinion supported by facts compiled during research. Students who delve into the writing phase without having conducted adequate research are more likely to struggle with completing their college essays on time. An opinion without solid information to back it up equals an all-nighter of fluffing.

An easier way would be to conduct more not less research. With research comes confidence and with confidence comes a great essay.

The purpose of writing is to communicate a message. Students need to keep researching until they feel confident that they have enough information to communicate that message. How does one know if enough research has been gathered? Simple. Organize the information into an essay outline and see if there any holes that need to be filled.

Use an Outline to Organize the Message into a Coherent Structure

Another essential tool to help complete the essay on time is an essay outline. Without a doubt, less writing would be involved if students prepared a clear and logical outline of what needs to be said and in what order. Without this step, students can find themselves having a hard time delivering their message. The outline can be considered a rough design of how the college essay flows from point to point.

The outline is also a great way of spotting areas for improvement. A bulleted list may be all that it takes to re-design paragraphs or other parts of the essay so that the overall message clear, concise, and coherent. Once the first outline is completed, students can choose to revise their thesis statement or conduct more research if necessary.

Preparation is the Key

Taking the time to prepare essay materials is the easy way to writing a five-paragraph essay. Avoiding the necessary prep work and diving into the first draft could very well lead to an essay that lacks a clear, coherent, and concise message. These three elements can only be achieved with forethought and careful planning.

Although thesis statements, research, and outline are usually considered to be stages in college essay writing, most students tend to move back and forth in their attempt to clarify and express their ideas more clearly. Hence, the thesis statement, research phase, and essay outline are best perceived as tools rather than stages. Learning how to write a great essay means learning how to use these tools to prepare the right stuff for the first draft.

It’s a Catch-22 for students to think that getting the essay done fast means writing as soon as possible. Taking the time to prepare will more likely direct the process to what is more important thereby saving loads of time.

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