How to Become Master of Coordinate Geometry?

How to Become Master of Coordinate Geometry

Do you find Maths scary? You may find some concepts more difficult than others. The key is to understand the basics of the concept and solve a lot of practice questions based on the topic. Let’s take coordinate geometry as an example.

What is coordinate geometry?

Coordinate geometry forms a connection between algebra and geometry. You are aware that plane is a flat surface. When a point is placed anywhere on this plane, then according to coordinate geometry, the exact position of that point can be located by using two numbers. This method was first proposed by the renowned mathematician Rene Descartes, who used equations to describe lines on a surface.

Let’s go through some general terms that are associated with coordinate geometry:

  • Coordinates –A set of values used to determine the position of a point are called coordinates.
  • Coordinate plane – The intersection of two perpendicular lines forms a 2-D plane known as a coordinate plane.
  • X-axis – The horizontal axis on the plane.
  • Y-axis – The vertical axis on the plane.

Coordinate geometry is used to:

  • To determine whether the lines are parallel or not.
  • The area of a specific shape.
  • Calculate the distance between two given points.
  • The perimeter of a given shape.
  • To see how a shape is transformed when it is rotated or moved.

Coordinate Geometry in our daily life:

Coordinate geometry is very useful in our daily life and has numerous applications, some of which are enumerated below:

  • Coordinate geometry is widely used in maps and navigation systems (GPS) which we use regularly.
  • Latitudes and longitudes are used to map the geographical location of a place.
  • The aviation industry uses coordinates to determine the accurate position of aeroplanes and to manage air traffic.
  • Coordinate geometry concepts are also used in computers and mobile phones.
  • It is used in scanners and photocopy machines to get an exact image of the document being scanned.
  • It is used in digital cameras.
  • To study the path of projectiles.

The best way to approach Coordinate geometry:

  1. Always draw a figure while attempting problems in coordinate geometry.
  2. Try to read and understand the theory well before beginning to solve the problems.
  3. Maintain a separate notebook for writing all the formulas. Keep updating it daily.
  4. All formulae should be memorized to the best of your ability. Every topic has its own set of formulae that are subsequently applied to solve the problems.
  5. Proceed from known to unknown. Solve the problems in which you are confident before attempting the ones you find difficult.
  6. Try to understand the derivations of various formulae as this will prove helpful in developing your thinking ability in the right direction and understanding the methodology of coordinate geometry.
  7. You should decide on the best book to study from and then stick to the same. Go for the one that has a lot of conceptual problems to practice. If you consult too many books at the same time it will confuse you.
  8. Practice is the key. Try to solve as many questions as possible. Keep a daily target and try to maintain it. There are many good forums like Cuemath that can prove very helpful as many practice worksheets are available for practice. The learning programmes provided by Cuemath help clear the basic fundamentals in every topic. The difficulty level of the question gradually increases, as the concept becomes clearer with continuous practice.
  9. Revise the question after solving it. This will prevent you from making silly mistakes.
  10. Just remember, the more practice you do, the more you develop your mental aptitude and logical reasoning.

Furthermore, there is nothing in this world that we cannot achieve with hard work. Coordinate geometry is a very scoring concept in Maths and once you understand the basics, becomes very simple. So, let’s plunge into these mathematical concepts and emerge a master of the same.

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