IHC Filed Petition to Bring PayPal and Amazon in Pakistan

paypal and amazon in pakistan

Amazon is the world’s largest eCommerce platform that has a collection of products all over the world. From the past years, many people have been searching for how to buy from Amazon in Pakistan? Does amazon ship to Pakistan? People were screwed up by these questions and continuously searching on the internet as amazon in Pakistan was blocked.

Similarly, PayPal is the world’s largest international payment gateway that was blocked in Pakistan. People were trying to find the answers to how to make PayPal account free? Or how to withdraw money from PayPal in Pakistan?

Recently, the Islamabad High Court has given the Pakistan Government to submit a reply for a petition filed to increase the ease of online e-commerce facilities by bringing PayPal and Amazon in Pakistan.

The notice was issued to the ministry for information technology and commerce by the Islamabad High court Chief Justice Athar Minallah. The government has not implemented its 2019 e-commerce policy.

The petitioner demands that Pakistan should invite and convince Amazon and PayPal to Pakistan. Previously PayPal refused to come to Pakistan because of issues in the financial systems. Amazon in Pakistan is also reluctant because of reliable payment options available in Pakistan.

PayPal is providing services in more than 200 countries. It provides a secure and reliable way of sending and securely receiving payments. PayPal has made online payments easier and safer.

By 2023, the firm estimates Amazon Business can scale that gross merchandise volume run rate to $33.7 billion, with $16.1 billion in revenue.

The main motive for this petition was that the Pakistan e-commerce market is still down because of a lack of interest by the government in this sector. Pakistan has a huge potential for online market and export.

The government officials stated that Pakistan was in talks with Amazon and shared a list of few exporters for registration. These exporters include sports goods, surgical equipment, and textile products.

The step taken by the officials will surely open the new doors of online shopping in Pakistan, and people would be able to get international payments through PayPal in Pakistan.

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