How to Use Holographic Shroud in Outer Worlds

How to Use Holographic Shroud in The Outer Worlds

You are playing The Outer Worlds and you see a restricted access area where only an authorized person can go. The holographic shroud can help you disguise your identity with the help of an ID cartridge.

So, here is a simple step-by-step guide on how to get and use holographic shroud in The Outer Worlds. You will easily get access to the restricted area in the game.

How to Get Holographic Shroud in the Outer Worlds

The first step is to find the holographic shroud in the game. It’s not a difficult task. This is a passive tool that you will find in the captain’s quarters onboard The Unreliable.

The captain’s quarter is located on the second floor. You need to climb upstairs and then you will find it on the left part of the table.

How to Use Holographic Shroud in the Outer Worlds

After finding it, you will want to know how to use holographic shroud in The Outer Worlds after obtaining ID cartridges from any of the following locations.

  1. Mardet
  2. Labyrinth
  3. UDL
  4. Sublight
  5. Boarst factory

Just wander around and you will be able to find the ID cartridge to help you disguise your identity. Now, you can enter any restricted access area and a holographic shroud will automatically disguise you.

After activation, you will see a purple bar at the bottom middle of the screen. This is the shroud’s energy and as you move around it will lower. Usually, there are 3 mini bars next to that purple bar. It indicates the number of chances you can use.

If it gets too low, your disguise will disappear and you will have to talk your way out of the
situation. Oh yeah! Your companions will also be disguised.

So, if your energy depletes or you’re caught in any way, after talking yourself out of the situation, your energy bar will then be refilled.

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