Crazy Pick a Number Game that you Enjoy Asking Others

Crazy pick a number game to play with your friends

Are you getting bored or want to know some exciting facts about your other people. Here is a list of crazy pick a number game questions that’ll freak out your friends and loved ones. Start asking these questions and let the fun begin now.

You can use this question game to let your friends pick a number between 1 and 10, 1-20, and 1-30. It is divided into 5 different question sets.

Pick a Number Game

Have you ever

  1. Skipped class
  2. Done drugs
  3. Self-harmed
  4. Drank
  5. Been in love
  6. Broken up with someone
  7. Kissed someone
  8. Slap someone
  9. Cried yourself to sleep
  10. Met someone on the internet
  11. Took pill for no reason
  12. Lost someone special
  13. Been depressed
  14. Laughed until you cried
  15. What’s your favorite
  16. Movie
  17. Song
  18. Artist
  19. Book
  20. Account on Twitter
    What’s your
  21. Age
  22. Zodiac sign
  23. Fav position
  24. Longest relationship
  25. Biggest insecurity
  26. Biggest wish
  27. Relationship status
    Do you
  28. Daydream
  29. Have a Boy/girlfriend
  30. Like yourself
  31. Have/want a tattoo
  32. Have/want a piercing
  33. Smoke
  34. Believe in ghosts
    What is your opinion on
  35. Gay rights
  36. Second chances
  37. Abortion
  38. A picture of yourself
  39. Twitter best friend
  40. Twitter Crush
    This or that
  41. Caches or cake
  42. Twitter oi fakebook
  43. Coke or sprite
  44. Blind or deaf
  45. Lea or coffee

If you have more crazy questions to ask, do let us know to add in the list.

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