How to Get to Moonglade Classic Wow

Get to moonglade in classic WoW from darkshore and timbermaw hold

Are you stuck getting to Moonglade? We are going to share step by step guide on how to get to Moonglade Classic WoW. So, let’s start.

Moonglade is a forest land situated in Kalimdor. It has boundaries with Winterspring and Darkshore. The basic level requirement for Moonglade is (10-20). This place has become centre of peace for years, surrounded by mountains protecting it from invaders.

It is heaven for druids and there is no fight tolerated in this region. Druids come here for training of their bear form. For non-druids, visit this place for more exploration or finding other easy flight paths. In any way, you want to reach Moonglade.

There are two ways to get to Moonglade in Classic WoW. The first one is from Darkshore and the other one is from Timbermaw Hold in Winterspring.

Get to Moonglade from Darkshore

It is the easiest step of the two methods. In order to get to Moonglade from Darkshore keep following the costal path in the north-east direction. You have to travel on this path until your screen displays discovery of Moonglade.

Now, here is an important step that you need to follow. You will kill yourself to get access to the shortest way of entering Moonglade. That sounds odd at first but it is true. After death, the druid spirit will move to Spirit Healer and you will be able to start again in the zone.

Get to Moonglade from Timbermaw Hold

The second way to get to Moonglade is from Timbermaw Hold. It is less risker as compared to the previous one. You will have to go to Felwood. Its level requirements are (48-55). Your goal is to reach Felpaw Village on the north-east side of Felwood.

There you will find Timbermaw Hold. There just run into the cave and avoid yourself from attacks. The other way is to complete reputation quests to avoid attacks on you. Now, just keep following the cave until you reach Moonglade. So, this is how to get to Moonglade in WoW classic.

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