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50% of people visit our (this) blog from mobile applications. Moreover, their share is growing every day. And this once again suggests that “mobilization” is coming at a frantic pace. Therefore, many sites have made a mobile version, however, which we did with our blog.

But even if all traffic is consumed by mobile devices, this does not mean that everyone needs to create their mobile application for business.

Therefore, you need to be clearly aware that not everyone needs their own application, and perhaps even in the future it will not be necessary.

To understand the need for mobile app development for small business, you need to define a goal for yourself and understand how much it will increase the company’s bottom line. After all, you can use two main goals that the creation of mobile applications pursues:

  • Sales growth;
  • Service improvement.

business mobile apps

Moreover, the most interesting thing is that according to the last analytics, the second point prevails over the first. And this once again confirms that companies come to the creation of their service only after they have reached stable sales, and not vice versa.

Any TOP applications for business contains programs for project management that allow you to plan working hours, monitor employee productivity, calculate profits, and make forecasts. We can say that these programs are a personal secretaries who can be contacted at any time of the day. Microsoft To Do (formerly Wunderlist) Free app, available for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and a web version. It is a simple planner that allows you to work with to-do lists from any device, share them with colleagues, create recurring tasks and reminders, break complex tasks into easy-to-control stages, add notes and files up to 25 MB to tasks. There is integration with Outlook, Microsoft Planner, Alexa, and Cortana voice assistants. Todoist Works on all existing platforms. You can create a project, schedule its terms, formulate the necessary tasks. There is also a very useful function – performance evaluation. This app has a paid subscription ($ 3 per month), thanks to which you can add some features. For example, you can access tasks through the calendar, connect the backup option, SMS reminders, etc. Wrike The platform was created for effective teamwork on projects. The service allows you to set tasks, track the quality of their implementation.

This is if you designate global goals if you divide them into subgoals or separate tasks, then you can form more interesting conclusions that will help you understand why you need your application. More information can be found on

Example 1. Detachment from competitors

Each of us wants to find the “blue ocean”, to find our unique selling proposition. Perhaps it is the mobile app development small business that will help you do this.

For example, the global company Uber (taxi) abandoned classic operators and created an application where people can order a car in a few clicks. Moreover, during the order, they see where which car is located and how much they will have.

Detachment from competitors

Example 2. Selecting and ordering a product

An elementary task for which mobile app development for small businesses is created. We can especially notice the implementation of such a task at clothing stores. It is more convenient for people to choose and order goods through them. It is also used by bulletin boards, for example, Avito.

 Example 3. Loyalty program

Rarely does a company personally create an application for itself to increase customer loyalty. Most often these are ready-made applications to which you connect an additional fee. But if you are one of those who like to keep everything under their control, then this is your choice.

For example, we implemented a mobile application for a coffee shop chain, where visitors could track their accumulated points and make a table reservation.

Business apps for Android: who’s at the top?

  1. Chrome Remote Desktop.
  2. Evernote.
  3. Google Drive.
  4. Google Hangouts.
  5. OneDrive.

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