How to Get Canva Premium Account for free – 100% Working

    Free CANVA Pro Premium Accounts and cookies

    Know how to get 100% working Free Canva Premium Accounts for free updated September 2020. Yeah, Canva premium accounts totally free. You can also use Canva pro cookies as a second method to free Canva pro accounts. These cookies are regularly updated.

    What is Canva and its Benefit

    Canva is an online graphic design platform that helps users create graphics related to social media, events, marketing, document, video, school, and much more. You can find details for each section below.

    Social Media

    • Instagram post
    • Instagram story
    • Animated social media
    • Facebook post
    • Facebook cover
    • Instagram story highlight cover
    • Blog banner
    • blog graphic
    • YouTube thumbnail
    • YouTube channel art
    • Pinterest pin


    • Invitation
    • Invitation (portrait)
    • Poster
    • Brochure
    • Announcement
    • Ticket
    • Event program
    • Facebook event cover


    • Instagram ad
    • Facebook ad
    • Flyer
    • Logo
    • Business card
    • Gift certificate
    • Coupon
    • Email header
    • Blog banner
    • Large rectangle ad
    • Wide skyscraper ad
    • Medium rectangle ad


    • Presentation
    • A4 document
    • Letter
    • Report
    • Resume
    • Magazine cover
    • Invoice


    • Basic video
    • Animated social media
    • YouTube intro
    • Facebook video


    • Infographic
    • Presentation
    • Worksheet
    • Lesson plan
    • Yearbook
    • Class schedule
    • Mindmap


    • Invitation
    • Card
    • Photo collage
    • Resume
    • Instagram story
    • Label
    • Desktop wallpaper
    • Calendar
    • Postcard
    • T-shirt
    • Website

    How to use Canva

    You can use Canva online via the Canva Premium login ID and password in any browser and also via mobile apps. You can also download Canva mobile app for android mobile, android tablet, iPhone, and iPad.

    Benefits of Canva Pro Over Canva Free

    How to Get Canva Premium Account for free

    Canva Pro

    • You can design anything on Canva pro
    • You get access to 60M+ photos & elements (These Pro photos and elements are paid if you search on the web)
    • Free access to premium stock footages
    • Background removal with one click
    • You can use 1000+ fonts or upload your own
    • You can have your own brand kit and make unlimited folders
    • You can resize your design to any format
    • Enjoy premium animations
    • Canva offers priority support to its customers

    Canva Free

    You can design anything on Canva free but do not get premium benefits discussed below.

    How to Get Canva Premium for Free

    Edumanias provides you with free Canva pro accounts updated September 2020. These free Canva premium accounts are updated regularly. We have introduced Canva pro cookies methods as well if accounts stop working. So, you can easily get Canva pro premium accounts for free.

    CANVA Pro Premium Accounts September 2020

    In order to use the full features of Canva, you have to buy Canva Pro subscriptions. It costs almost $9.95 over monthly subscriptions.

    That’s a lot of money…

    Do not worry. We have solved this problem for you. We regularly update Canva pro accounts and passwords.

    We need your donations to keep our service up and running

    We need your support to keep our services up and running. We aim at providing free premium resources for those who can’t afford it. Please donate to support our cause. Please contact us via Facebook to discuss the payment method.

    Note 1: Some people were changing passwords and it was creating issues for deserved ones. Now, we have brought another method by which people will not try to change the password. If they change they have to again waste 5 minutes to get the new password.

    Just follow the instructions as asked and after getting the password remove everything extras that you added. And enjoy free Canva premium without any hurdles.

    We have done this to save you time as we daily received that someone changed password. Please contact us via facebook page if any issue occurs.

    Note 2: If the Canva premium accounts given below don’t work for you, try the second method below using Canva premium cookies. It works almost every time.

    Free Canva Pro Login ID

    Please do contact us if you find any difficulty regarding free Canva pro accounts. We verify all accounts before uploading.

    CANVA Pro Premium Cookies September 2020

    It may happen that the above accounts do not work due to some reasons. Do not worry. We have solved this problem for you as well. We regularly update Canva premium accounts cookies. Follow the following easy steps to get same Canva pro using Canva pro cookies.

    Step 1

    Download and add recommended cookies editor extensions for your respective browser.

    Download Cookie-Editor for Chrome browser

    Download Cookie-Editor for Mozilla Firefox browser

    Step 2

    Copy Canva pro accounts cookies from the below links for respective browser.

    Important Notice: Join our Telegram Channel to get the latest updated news about Canva premium cookies. Message us on Facebook if the cookies expire. We will immediately solve the issue for you.

    Download Canva pro accounts cookies for Chrome

    Download Canva pro accounts cookies for Mozilla Firefox

    Note: Please do not logout from the Canva. No one will be able to use the free benefits.

    Step 3

    Open Canva. Go to cookies editor extension and click delete all option. Then click import and paste the cookies obtained above. Now, refresh the tab.


    How to Get Personal Canva Pro Accounts

    Worried about sharing your work while using above share accounts method?

    Don’t worry…

    We have developed the cheapest monthly subscription plan for Canva pro accounts. You can now acquire your own personal account at price as low as $4.5 instead of the actual $9.95 monthly.

    Hurry up! Grab your personal Canva pro account. Limited stock is available.

    You may contact us via facebook as well for buying Canva Pro Personal Accounts

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How to get Canva pro for free?

    Edumanias provides you with free Canva pro accounts updated September 2020. These free Canva premium accounts are updated regularly. So, you can easily get Canva pro premium accounts for free.

    How can I use Canva pro without paying?

    You can use Canva pro for free by using login accounts at and also by Canva pro cookies. We provide Canva premium accounts free of cost.


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