Scope of Software Engineering for Females

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Software Engineering for Girls

Yes, the world is changing and so are the opportunities for girls. With the passage of time the gender discrimination is vanishing and women are standing equally with men in every field of life whether its personal or professional.

Gone are the days when Engineering was thought to be a profession solely for men and women were not allowed to join it because it allows ” a lot of male interaction”. Now a day’s almost everything is engineered. There are a lot of fields of engineering but here I will discuss about software engineering and how it is good for women/girls.

Software engineering is a detailed study of engineering to the design, development and maintenance of software. Software engineering was introduced to address the issues of low-quality software projects. A software product is judged by how easily it can be used by the end-user and the features it offers to the user.

Software is everywhere. Everything is working on a software, everything includes programming now a day. As it is commonly said ” a software engineer never dies with hunger or never has an empty pocket”. Somehow it is true but only for the skilled ones. SE for girls is a good option if you have interest in it. It allows a good career for girls making sure that they don’t have to neglect their personal or domestic life because SE doesn’t involve any field work. All you need is a laptop and a good grip on your skills and you are good to go. And for that you must a strong aptitude towards programming, love coding, should be patient and able to spend lot of time to solve problem because you have to meet customer demands by using your skills and give the demands of client in the shape of software.

But here it is very important to discuss some misconceptions about SE. The first and most common misconceptions is that SE is very easy as compared to other engineering fields. Unfortunately, the case is totally opposite. I am myself a student of SE and till now I have observed that it is no less tough than other fields of science and Engineering. It demands lots of time, interest and logical thinking. It challenges your mind and in return you have to play with your logics to solve that challenge. But this Game gets easier once you get to know how to deal with it.

Second misconception is that once you get into it and interest will be gradually developed. This is a big “NO”. This never happens, specially for girls this never happens. I didn’t have an interest in it and honestly, I didn’t know what this is all about but I went for it because I thought it as a good option and now I am struggling a lot. It is all about interest and aptitude. If you have both of these things then you can go for software engineering as a profession. 

In a world of artificial intelligence (making machines think by themselves), Software engineering is a very good career option specially for girls. They can do wonders while sitting at home working through their laptops. Talking about earning, you can earn endlessly if you know how to work and use your skills. There are numerous opportunities for women to work as a freelancer while sitting at their homes and make a good career. Moreover, one can work in a software house if you have good grip on programming languages. SE is not all about languages basically. you can also work in management side where you will have to manage an ongoing software project like assigning everyone the tasks and checking whether it is working properly or not. SE is very vast field. Once you get into it with all your interest and power you can make a whole new life for yourself.

One more thing that girls can do is teaching or lectureship in a well reputed institute after getting this degree. Need of teachers will never end. Girls are pretty good when it comes to teaching. Once you become an engineer you can help and guide others to become one. Become a lecturer/teacher and change the world. I am myself a software student and I can see a bright career in next few years. 

“But here I want to mention that no matter which field or profession you have chosen, it always requires lots of hard work, interest, passion and patience. Only then, yes only then… you can flourish. I myself will have a bright career but only if i work hard and stay consistent.”

If I summarize the whole story than i will hundred percent recommend SE for girls as a profession but only if you are sure that you can do it and you have a lot of awareness and interest in it. Secondly, if I talk about what is Software engineering about? Then it’s all about logical thinking, passion and lots and lots of patience. So, one must keep in view all these factors before opting for it as a permanent career.

As it is said “There’s no pill to convert yourself into a good programmer, it takes a lot of reading, learning and practice”

Final word

We hope that this article helped you about scope of software engineering for girls.



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