Scope of Petroleum Engineering for Females

An oil well producing oil

What is Scope Petroleum Engineering?

Petroleum engineering deals with the exploration and production of Oil and Gas. As it is clear from the word petroleum, this engineering field is linked with all the work related to petroleum. They work on drilling wells, extracting oil from the wells, and post-processing to give us various types of fuels and chemicals that are being used daily. Moreover, petroleum engineers also work in collaboration with the geologist, chemical engineers, and other specialists to solve problems and develop methodologies related to the petroleum field.

Is Petroleum Engineering a good career for girls?

(TarjeNaterstad, M.Sc Petroleum Engineering)

Females can join petroleum engineering as a field. The working environment for drilling engineers and field engineers is a bit tough, or we can say it is an environment for tough people. Are you the one? This field is mostly male-dominated as far as field and drilling at the site are concerned. It also depends on the work culture and varies from location to location. I work in the North Sea, and I have never perceived my female colleagues as less suited than my male friends. The question is about passion, dedication, and commitment. So, before choosing petroleum as a field, you need to know that there are options you can go for. You may choose not to be a field engineer rather doing office work as most of the work is done through the office.

(Harsh Vikrama, Petroleum Engineer)

It is not necessary that if you are a petroleum engineer, you are going to do a field job. These days females are given preference to increase their presence in all fields of engineering. Depending on your interest, you may opt for tasks like data analysts, but mostly girls in petroleum engineering are given managerial jobs. So, you can say that there are more benefits for females than males as the industry is welcoming them.

How should I decide?

If you want to choose any field, first you must negate any thought that is it good for females or not. You need to evaluate what your interests are, what kind of job you want in the future, and what excites you. You may need to search for subjects that are being taught in petroleum engineering, and if you find that it suits your interest, you can go for it. For everything, passion, dedication, and commitment are required, and if you have all of them, nothing can stop you from achieving your aim. Taking the first step is always difficult, but after you have achieved something, you cannot measure the joy.

So, do you like to study subsurface and interested to find and extract what has been buried for thousands of years? Does it excite you to be in a harsh environment and handling what most cannot handle? Do you want to be at a position where your one decision can make a huge impact? You may choose petroleum if you love all that.

What is the scope of petroleum engineering and what are the job roles?

Mostly, the petroleum engineers at the drilling sites, oil wells, or do work in offices. Travelling is a big part of this field as engineers need to travel between places and offices to meet and coordinate with other specialists to make sure everything is going fine. You may need to stay away from home for a period to oversee the activities at the production site, and mostly the production sites are far away from the remaining population.

The responsibilities you may be working on as a petroleum engineer would be:

  • Petroleum geologist incorporates geological background to find petroleum by evaluating structure underneath the surface.
  • Drilling Engineer is responsible for drilling oil & gas wells.
  • Production Engineers oversee the production of the oil & gas at the well after its completion.
  • Reservoir engineers evaluate the reserves underground and guide about production-related procedures.

So, petroleum engineers have job opportunities in all the petroleum engineering fields and particularly drilling and exploration fields.

The intensity of work from the perspective of females? (Advantages and Disadvantages)

Petroleum engineers get a higher salary than any engineering field because of the responsibility and attention the task requires. Scope of petroleum engineering will remain brighter, as it is now until we have nothing to drill or extract in the form of petroleum. One thing that is related to this profession is relocation, and you need to move to different sites for your tasks.

The working conditions that petroleum engineers follow is not pleasant for every person. You spend a lot of your time in office understanding and evaluating the data and geological perspectives. During the drilling process, you need to be at the site. So, if you are not willing to relocate or face a challenging environment, this field is not yours. The duty timing may vary from 40-60 hours a week or up to 84 hours during drilling.

Required Skills along with the subjects?

  • Good technical background as it is required by the tasks a petroleum engineer performs.
  • Pressure handling to tackle the problems in projects with ease.
  • Analytical skills to evaluate a large amount of raw data to reach a conclusion.
  • Problem-solving to solve the issues faced during the work and reach a cost-effective solution.
  • Excellent communication to properly communicate all the necessary information for better coordination between teams.
  • Team player to increase the efficiency of the whole team.
  • Creativity to tackle problems at different sites.
  • Sound health and fitness to perform the task effectively.

Final words

Being male or female is not the criterion to choose any field. Your passion, dedication, and considering the matters of your interest. So, my advice to you is to find your interests; life has value for achievers. You can prove yourself only when you will peruse your dream with commitment and zeal.


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