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Scope of Food Science and Food Technology for females

What is Food Science and Food Technology?

Food Science and Technology is a branch of science which deals with all the operations related to the production, processing, preservation, quality check, packaging, safe distribution of food. Food engineers are responsible for developing methodologies for food processing and ensuring that the food maintains its nutritions. It also deals with the new research and approval of new methodologies related to food manufacturing. Food engineers also make food plans for perfect fitness.

Is Food Engineering a good career for girls?

Food engineering and technology has a bright career and scope for girls. There is no hurdle in this field that will make it gender-specific. All that is required is your passion, dedication and commitment. These days females are actively taking this field as a choice because of its promising career. Everyone in this world wants a perfect body and sound health. Food engineers can help in this regard and provide diet plans according to the body requirement of individuals.

How should I decide?

If you want to choose any field, first you must negate any thought that is it good for females or not. You need to evaluate what your interests are, what kind of job you want in the future, and what excites you. You may need to search for subjects that are being taught in food engineering, and if you find that it suits your interest, you can go for it. For everything, passion, dedication, and commitment are required, and if you have all of them, nothing can stop you from achieving your aim. Taking the first step is always difficult, but after you have achieved something, you cannot measure the joy.

Required Skills to be Food Engineer and Technologist

So, do you love to play with the physical, chemical and biological composition of food? Do you want to help people improve their daily life by using the food product and diet plan that you suggest for them? Do you want to use your technical knowledge for better and reliable food processing methodologies to supply hygiene and quality food? Do you want to make an impact on people lives? Do you love to spend time on finding new ideas and evaluating them?

If yes, what are you waiting for? Food engineering is the field for you irrespective of gender. You can make an impact on people lives.

What is the scope of food engineering? 

Food engineers and technologist work in a wide range of  organizations:

  • Dairy industry
  • Food industry
  • Governmental agriculture and food department
  • Hotels sector
  • Food regulatory authority
  • Testing laboratories
  • Research organizations

What are the job roles?

Choosing food engineering, you may expect the following job role:

  • Research scientist carries out new research and performs experiments to make an improvement to an existing product or develop new products.
  • Lab engineer provides the technical support required in the experimentation, testing, evaluating, measuring the quality of food.
  • Food engineer is responsible for carrying out activities related to planning, manufacturing, quality check and distribution within a food company.
  • Food development engineer helps in developing new food technologies.
  • Dietitian & Nutritionist create food as per nutrition requirements for the required individuals.
  • Quality inspector ensures the quality of the food by conducting proper testing.
  • Food chemist suggests improvements in quality, taste, flavour & texture of food.

Final words

Being male or female is not the criterion to choose any field. Your passion, dedication, and considering the matters of your interest. So, my advice to you is to find your interests; life has value for achievers. You can prove yourself only when you will peruse your dream with commitment and zeal.

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