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Scope of Mining Engineering for Females

What is Mining Engineering

Mining Engineering is a branch of engineering that uses principles of science and technology in the process of extracting minerals and other resources from the earth.

Mining Engineers are trained professionals involved in surveying, exploration, planning, cost estimation, extraction and processing of minerals, metals and other natural resources from the earth. Waste material management, environmental protection/rehabilitation and project management are also important parts of their work.

Mining engineering is also associated with other fields such as Geology, Civil Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering and Metallurgical Engineering. These branches share many common concepts and elements. Mining Engineers will be responsible for the overseeing of both mining operations and miners and are employed by many mining-related organizations. Mining Engineers will often work with Geologists and Metallurgical Engineers to find and evaluate new mineral deposits. Some Mining Engineers will be involved in the development of new equipment or direct mineral-processing operations to separate minerals from dirt, rock, and other materials.


This fields is a kind of challenge because this work is a kind of risk like in mines you have to take all the safety measures to ensure safe mining. In underground mining the techniques are more complex and interesting, you have to calculate each and every aspect to continue mining. It is because of mining engineers we are gone far into the earth. There precise calculations determine the success because each drill will not give you minerals. So, determining the proper procedure is necessary that could not be possible without mining engineers.

Scope of Mining Engineering in Pakistan

Mining Engineering has a good scope in Pakistan. It is a vast field. With the world resources being consumed at a high rate, the demand for discovering more mining sites is increasing. Students should be encouraged to explore opportunities in this innovative and basic field of engineering to make their future bright. The list of Job sectors of Mining engineering is given below.

Types of jobs:

  • Miners and refiners of metals such as aluminum and copper;
  • Mineral Department
  • Surveying & Research Companies
  • Engineering & Scientific Journals
  • Consultant Companies
  • Mining sector
  • Atomic plants (Uranium extraction & Enrichment)

“Mining engineers ensure that underground resources such as minerals, metals, oil and gas are extracted safely and efficiently”

Typical job responsibilities include

  • Assessing the feasibility and the potential for commercial benefit of new sites
  • Ascertaining extraction risks
  • Producing models or plans for possible mining sites
  • Planning and implementing extraction systems
  • Using specialist computer applications to maximise planning and production
  • Monitoring and evaluating underground performance
  • Managing construction projects
  • Ensuring that operations comply with health and safety requirements
  • Making sure that the equipment used is safe
  • Managing budgets
  • Training and supervising staff
  • Liaising with and advising managerial and technical staff
  • Analyzing data
  • keeping records
  • Costing and organising supplies.

Working Conditions

  • Mining Engineers may work in offices or on mine sites
  • It can be office work instead of site work if you like it.
  • Depending on the type of mine, they may work in the open above ground, or underground where it can be cramped
  • Mining Engineers must be prepared to travel and will often stay away from home for extended periods. They may be required to live on site away from home, or to work on a fly in fly out basis. FIFO commonly involves flying in for a certain period of time whilst the Mining Engineer would be on site, and then flying home for periods when they are off work.

The key interest that represent mining engineers

  • Have an interest in Chemistry, Math and Physics
  • Identify analyze and solve problems
  • Be able to embrace new techniques and technologies, and an interested in keeping up to date on industry requirements and advancements
  • Be able to work under pressure
  • Have a good work ethic and be goal oriented
  • Have an aptitude for design and computing
  • Must be interested in working in mine sites which are often located in remote locations

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