How the insurance explainer should look like?

How the insurance explainer should look like

It seems that everyone nowadays understands the importance of insurance. Yet, it is sometimes very difficult for insurance agents to present their services.  They operate with the tones of texts in the FAQ block, tables with numbers, statistics, and percentages.

On the other hand, this business must provide clients with the full complexity of the information. Being well-informed and supplied with enough data ensures that people will make intelligent decisions.

Insurance embodies two topics — healthcare and finance. Both are interconnected and incorporated in the insurance service. And both may sound frightening for people and often difficult to understand. Undisputably an insurance explainer video simplifies communication with the target audience. Animation puts people at ease even when showing some complex things.

Become more approachable

For some reason sometimes firms seem to be so unapproachable. Explainer videos, especially animated ones, help to establish connections and approximate the brand to the audience. This tool makes a brand customer-centric.

If you need some more details about 2D animation and the way it can be used for your aims, please follow the link

With the help of this tool, you give the customers possibility to embrace the info on their own time — when they want and as many times they want. This allows reducing the factor of an intrusive conversation and avoiding a necessity to feel the discomfort of misunderstandings.

Perform as a thought Leader

An explainer video is a perfect instrument to prove your expertise, experience, and innovative approaches. By means of it your firm can stand out from the scope of other insurance companies and become a “thought leader” determining trends in the whole field.

Main tips to make the video great

– Disclose the specific issue at the very beginning so that your video targets a definite group of people at once.

– Employ simple animation outlines moving slide objects in a sequence. This will help in telling a story retaining viewers’ attention till the end.

– For the excellent flow use soft colors and smooth transitions of the visual track — stay focused on delivering the main messages.

– Workout a compelling touching storyline to get compassion and empathy — that makes it easier for the viewers to embrace the value of the service.

– Work out logical patterns and incorporate them in a script so that is meaningful.

– Pick up the proper narrator, voice to match the whole concept. A pleasant sympathetic voice has persuasive power not less than a compelling visual track.

Use testimonials

Create a few live-action testimonials disclosing the behind-the-stage points. Show the clients’ opinions of the service you provide.

Ask your loyal clients to help your company prosper by sharing their positive emotions caused by dealing with your firm.

It is important to rehearse before filming the review. At the same time, the testimony has to be natural and not looking like theatrical direction. Make sure that your insurance video doesn’t cause a feeling of watching a spectacle.

People are convinced by the others people’s satisfaction. Use it.


This tool allows standing out and conducting more efficient communications with the clients and prospects.

An explainer video can cope with the task of delivering clients and prospects the necessary info in a clear easy to understand way. This tool is a great helper for the insurance agency.

And due to the digital format, your video can be shared and broadcasted through all social media and all other marketing channels. It leads to covering more audience and attracting new prospective clients.

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