Importance of Female Career Counselling and Its Impact

A female is taking a counselling session

Female Career Counselling

This article explains the importance of career counselling for females. The objective of Career counselling is to enable a person both male or female to decide about their career by providing enough insight into their interests and passion. Women counselling is of great importance in this regard. Career counselling of girls is of equal value as of a boy.

Why Career Counselling is important?

Career counselling helps individuals understand their interest. Imagine yourself travelling on a road without knowing your destination or without enough fuel in the car. Consider eating yourself eating food you don’t like. Career counselling helps you choose that field which is related to your interest and it encourages you to question yourself. What are the things that excite you the most? If you will start finding your interests and align your goals with your interests, you will be pursuing a profession which does not demotivate you.

Female Counselling

While choosing a career, career counselling trend is not for girls. Society has created an atmosphere where females are not encouraged to go for challenging careers. You can realise this fact by observing the number of females in the Engineering and STEM fields. It is obvious that when females are not encouraged to choose the field of their interest, you will see different fields to be male dominant. Choosing a field-based upon gender is an absurd notion and it needs to be ended as soon as possible.

We educate women because it is smart. We educate women because it changes the world.

Female counselling is the need of time. We need to start early age career counselling and start a culture of allowing girls to choose careers according to their personal interests. This will help make the world a better place to live and will allow girls to contribute to the betterment with their skills.  

Final word

Are you a girl?

Are you worried about your career and don’t have enough information about different fields?

Don’t worry. We have a huge list of personalised careers guidance articles for girls related to each field. What are you waiting for then?   Go and check out this blog and quench your thirst.  

Happy Counselling.    


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