Three Big Benefits of Building an Online B2B Store

Three Big Benefits of Building an Online B2B Store

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed people’s buying behavior and expectations from merchants. It caused unprepared sellers to panic. They had to search for options to transform their businesses digitally. The demand for eCommerce platforms started to grow. B2B and B2C stores understood that most customers wouldn’t go back to in-person shopping after the pandemic. Their first step was turning to the services of B2B eCommerce website development companies to build eCommerce web stores to meet buyers’ expectations, stay competitive, and drive revenue. Over time, B2B sellers noticed that online stores have several significant advantages. Here are three big ones.

1. Improved Customer Service and Easy Sales Management

The B2B eCommerce web store allows companies to provide on-time and high-quality service. Your customers can effortlessly add items to the cart, choose a convenient payment method, and confirm the transaction. In addition, they can track the order in real-time and view buying history. Make sure to integrate your B2B store with an ERP system. It will display personalized product suggestions based on the buyers’ shopping behavior.

A comprehensive B2B eCommerce store will enable your sales team to manage customer orders effortlessly regardless of their locations. Moreover, now “work from home” is a usual practice at companies. Hence, your sales representatives don’t have to be at the store physically.

Improved customer service and sales management will lead to a superb customer experience. Today, being a leading eCommerce platform Amazon is the industry’s leader. Hence, on any eCommerce platform, buyers want to have a shopping experience just like Amazon. Why is Amazon so successful? The reason is that Amazon has intuitive navigation and extensive search functionality.

2. Boosted Brand Awareness and More Customers

An online B2B store allows companies to boost awareness about their products. As a result, they become more visible to potential buyers. Moreover, the eCommerce website breaks territorial borders. Therefore, it makes the products available on the international market.

By making several technical configurations and adding optimized product descriptions, you’ll help your B2B web store rank high on search results. It will increase the likelihood of being discovered by people searching for items available in your store. As a result, you’ll acquire new visitors. Nurturing them with informative and useful content, you’ll convert them into customers.

Your B2B online store can also help you identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities. For example, based on the clients’ buying history, your site can recommend related items. By providing the right information at the right time, your eCommerce web store can boost sales and drive revenue.

3. Analytics Capability

Any eCommerce platform is armed with analytical tools. The data captured by them can be used for executing successful marketing campaigns. For example, having your customers’ names and email addresses at hand, you can send them monthly or weekly newsletters. You can also provide them with promo codes and inform them about discounts.

Besides the built-in analytical tool, you can connect your website to Google Analytics. It will capture information about page views, visitors’ location, and traffic channels. Your marketing team can use all this information to divide your client base into segments based on various criteria.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, the pandemic has drastically changed people’s shopping behavior. Nowadays, they prefer to buy everything online. To run a successful business and stay competitive, you should have a multifunctional B2B eCommerce platform. Tools provided by the platform will help you boost awareness about your products. Also, you’ll get new customers and drive revenue. Besides, the built-in analytical tool will allow your marketing team to track the performance of your website in real-time. You’ll be able to use this data to plan successful marketing campaigns.

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