Scope of BBA for Females

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Does BBA a Good Career for Girls

What field are you choosing? What are your future plans? Is it what you dreamed for? Is your career your own choice? Why did you choose this career? These are some of the questions that a person at the stage of choosing a career is flooded with.   Career decision is one of the major decision in anyone’s life, be it a boy or girl. Every person should have freedom of choice whenever he/she is at the stage of choosing a career. When choosing the career path, one should keep in mind his/her area of interest

One of the biggest dilemmas of our country is that careers are decided not by the interest and desire of the student himself but based on the desire and choices of the people around him. It is the need of the hour to address this problem and ensure the freedom of choice and selection when it comes to choosing a career path. Pakistan has witnessed a ritual of enforced career path for students. The career paths adopted by the students have the least contribution of themselves and are decided by their elders.

If not decided by elders, students base their decisions on the decisions of their friends, giving a very lame excuse that “I am choosing this path because my friend has also chosen the same.” 

This has made a lot many students suffer from the consequences of poor decisions in selecting their careers.   This tradition is particularly threatening when it comes to the education of girls. There are a lot many people in Pakistan that don’t even like the education of girls. The tribal areas and the adjoining slums here have people that refrain from sending their girls to school for their basic education. This not only destroys a girl’s ability to pursue her dreams, but also disturbs the economy by harming the overall literacy rates.

The rapid environmental advancements and the new era of continuous development in every field of life, has made it necessary for the girls to acquire the education equivalent to men. This age has made it very easy for the girls to achieve their goals and have the education and career opportunities exactly equal to the men. It should be realized that girls do have the ability to contribute in the development of the country just as men have. What’s needed for the girls is to identify and utilize their potential.

Challenges do exist in every field, but they should be faced courageously.

There should be no limits and boundaries for the girls when it comes to their career selection. Women should be absolutely free to decide the career path that best matches their interest and passions. It is just an illogical stereotype that there are some fields that are not suitable for girls, like business and commerce field, aeronautical engineering, mechanical engineering, marketing field, army, space sciences, event management, travel and tourism, mountaineering and a lot more. It is believed that girls are absolutely not suitable for any of these field, and they can’t even do well in these areas. Such people should be shown to what extent women are by now flourishing in ALL of these areas. Ayesha Farooq and Maryam Mukhtiar being fighter pilots, Samina Baig being Pakistan’s highest altitude mountaineer, Kiran being the first engineer working in Thar, Momina Duraid being the owner of HUM TV, Farida Qureshi being the first mainstream fashion designer of Pakistan; all set the brightest example of such massive and vast career opportunities for girls in Pakistan. One just has to identify the passion and go for the most appropriate field.    


I, being a business administration student, truthfully claim that this is the field of my own choice.  Although my parents were not willing for me to opt this career, I showed them the bright side and advantages of this field and convinced them on my decision. Gradually flourishing in this field of study and getting so much to learn, I have now realized that infinite many opportunities are available for any girl choosing this field. I have witnessed a large number of women entrepreneurs standing right beside the most successful men. Fiza Farhan (Co-founder of Baksh Foundation), Nabila Maqsood (owner of Nabila’s salon), Roshanay Zafar (founder of Kashf Foundation), Sana and Safina (the first mover of bridal couture), Maria Umer (founder of Women’s Digital League) and the list goes on for the women who have taken over their respective industries. The reason of their huge success and the limelight they’re enjoying today is that they timely recognized their potential and passion and left no stone unturned in pursuing their dreams.   My request to all the girls out there is to identify their skills and area of interest. It’s not about inviting you to the business field because I have chosen it,it’s about inviting you to realize and enjoy your potential. You all are the shining stars of this economy. There are plenty of opportunities in your way.

“Just be courageous, be smart, and the world is all yours.”

Best Story

Here I am going to tell you about my story that I was a brilliant student from my childhood. I used to stand first in every class. I was bright so my parents especially my father started telling me that one day I’ll be a doctor. No other option was fed into my mind. The only thing I learned throughout my childhood was that only doctors can earn repute and money.   In school, the teachers also created the perception that science subjects are better than commerce subjects. Same only a bright student can learn science subjects and if a student goes for commerce subjects, he’s a dumb.   When I completed my matric I thought of picking F.Sc pre-engineering because I was good in mathematics but everyone said that there is no scope for girls in engineering. So, I went for F.Sc pre-medical. During those 2 years, I realized that I can’t study or it would be better to say I can’t cram those heavy books. And fortunately, I couldn’t perform well in F.Sc and couldn’t get admission in any medical university. Here an important thing that need your attention, if you don’t have interest in a particular field you are at loss. Its better not to listen others but your heart, this will shape the future you want to earn and make your dreams a reality. All needed is just passion, dedication and a bit of confidence.

Girls loose confidence just because of family, friends, or some other source.   That was the time when I was totally disheartened and took the best decision of my life. I quitted the science field and joined the field about which my teachers used to say that only dumb students go for it. Yes, I joined commerce field and I’m doing BBA right now. To be very honest I’m really satisfied now with whatever I’m doing right now. The thing is that when you come under the burden of expectations you can’t grow through learning the things. Only your nervousness increases.   For a Failure of a bright student, I would definitely blame her parents and school because they don’t teach what they actually should. They should tell her about different fields in which she can perform much better than boys. Don’t say that you’re a girl and you can’t do that.

Who knows that she has that capability of doing that thing from which you’re stopping her to do. Let her decide what she wants to do because in the end she won’t blame you. Her best option for choosing capabilities would improve as well. There should be a proper career counsellor in every school who should teach them the right and suitable options according to their interest and capabilities because most parents in Pakistan are not that much educated and up to date about the opportunities in the modern world. So here the school should play its role.

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Final word  

We hope that this article helped you about scope of BBA for girls.


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