Scope of Charted Accountancy for Females

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Why Education is Important for Girls? CA for girls!

Education is an important part of the living being whether it’s male or female. It helps an individual to be smarter, to become innovative & to know about the facts of the world. Education performs best roles in Women Empowerment. It also helps stop discrimination about gender.

Education helps women to be more productive in their tasks. A knowledgeable woman has the skills, information, talent and self-confidence that she requires to be a superior mother, employee and resident. Men and Women are also two sides of a coin & need same opportunity to help in the progress of the country. One can’t survive without other.

Education for girls wasn’t considered necessary in previous decades. But with the passage of time, people have realized the importance of girl’s education. Now in this modern age, it has become essential for existing in this world.

Women are now competing with men in all spherescircumstances of life. But still there exists some people who oppose girl’s education believing that a girl’s sphere is only related with home and they think that it is wastage of money on girl’s education. They literally do not know that this concept is wrong. An educated woman can bring an uprising in the culture.

Educated women are more creative and productive and better paid. Education is boon to girls in this age of crisis. Days of aplenty and prosperity are gone. Now a days it is difficult for the people of middle class to make both ends meet. Education of women is necessary to make homes a happier place. A man’s life blossoms if he is blessed with a well educated mother and well-educated girl. Girls can brighten the future of their country by good upbringing of children.

All educational institutions have opened up for male and female. There is not any difference on the basis of gender. So, women Can pursue any career of their choice without any obstructions. There are social obstacles in some geographical areas and communities, but with time I believe they too will improve and will join hands with world. 

There are many professions one should go for it. But personally, every girl should go to what she likes to study and in which field she is interested. However, we girls in accountancy field have to opt some unique professional studies like CA, ACCA, CISA etc. As their scope are too high that everyone dreams as the living standard of such qualified people. As for as Chartered Accountancy as the career is concerned for women, I would like to share few facts.

Definition of CA Student

Living a few years of your life like most people won’t, so that they can spend the rest of their life like most people can’t.

A Chartered Accountant Career

  1. Parents encourage girls to go for CA since employability is high and work profile flexible. 
  2. They can work from home, cater to clients with technology support, and return to career after break.
  3. Preferred careers for girls  

From the above facts, there are two things very clear. Firstly, women are active participants as females are hardworking. Secondly, they are well respected amongst the CA fraternity.

CA course is one of the most versatile course. The services of CA’s are required by every kind of organization like manufacturing companies, service companies, startups, multinationals, banks, NGO’s, Government departments, public sector and foreign industries etc. So, you can work in any kind of environment. And if you love to be a boss, you can also become a healthy entrepreneur i.e. self-employment as well. Getting a decent job is not difficult at all. The average pay may be lover when you are fresher, but with experience, your earnings are much higher. The increment in pay is solely dependent on you work skills and experience i.e. how beneficial you are to the organization. 

To help, Chartered Accountancy offers better ways 

CA opens array of options in finance, accounting, management accounting, auditing and direct taxation.

In a nutshell, it gives a platform of opportunity for you. Once you start, success depends on your calibre, job interest, intelligence and a lot of other factors.CA course is reasonably tough but not to the extent as the general public / most people perceive. The work you can do as a Charted Accountant opens up a huge number of potential career paths. You could find yourself analyzing an advising charity, shaping many institutes, working on multinational level or helping others learn which sector might best suit your interests. 

Any other course, anything that a girl wants to persue is good until she has passion for it.and is ready to face all the challenges. Depending on your personal choice keep in mind studying CA course from an institute or taking online lectures from any portal.  

Qualifying as a charted accountant opens many doors for you. You can go on work with accountancy, finance or business. CA is known as secure profession all over the world. If you choose to become charted accountant Your career is likely to be stable with strong demand.

“CA is not a tough course. It is a course for tough people.”! 

To become a chartered accountant, the students need to be motivated, high thinking capacity, spend full time in study, attempt article ship, gained experience. The students need skill in auditing human behaviour information. A chartered accountant has high scope in the business market and in firms. In the business market, CA certificate is very demanding than another business degree. Its demand is increasing at an international level.

“Believe in yourself that there is something in you that is greater than any obstacle and that thing is your passion and interest.”

Chartered accountant will always have an edge over cost accountants due to their statutory recognition. Every other profession in commerce can face potential threat from CA’s due to their dynamic and versatile nature of their profession.

                “In order to succeed, we must believe that we can” 

Story of “HINA USMANI” top charted accountant: 

Click here to know about the female charted accountant who is changing the rules of the game

Final word

We hope that this article helped you about scope charted accountant for girls.


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